Descriptions of Non-Board Volunteer Roles

Unit Auditors:

Volunteer auditors perform non-certified audits at the request of the Board of Directors. An audit of the paper trail of Unit finances for the fiscal year 2003-2003 was requested to verify that the controls were in place and were properly being used.

Disciplinary Committee:


The Committee's role is to advise the Board on the Code of Disciplinary Regulations (CDR) of the ACBL.  Full description of responsibility.  Click here to view the full Code.  The code provides guidance on How to File and Handle Complaints and Sample Disciplinary Forms and Letters.

It is the responsibility of the Committee to enforce the ACBL's Code of Disciplinary Regulations (CDR). The purpose of the CDR is to provide a fair hearing to every ACBL member charged with a disciplinary infraction. The responsibility of the Committee is to promptly receive and review all complaints forwarded by Unit Recorder, and decide upon an appropriate course of action.

Our Unit, and therefore this Committee, has jurisdiction over Unit members participating in a Unit sanctioned event, managers of clubs, or any club sponsored sanctioned event relating to complaints of alleged cheating or serious breaches of ethics.


The recorder applies regulations and helps the Board follow the procedures established to deal with complaints.  Full description.

The aim of the recorder system is to establish a method of dealing with complaints that:

  1. by themselves do not warrant the filing of formal charges;

  2. are very serious but there is only the implication of wrongdoing without substantial evidence necessary to bring formal charges or

  3. are a request to have the subject's behavior modified by counseling and/or education.

His duties are to: 


The objective of seeding is to provide a balanced field in Pairs and Board a Match events, so that play is as fair as possible for all participants.  Proper seeding benefits all players, not just the Flight A players.

The goal is to have within each section and each direction players of similar abilities.  Normally seeding is done only in Open events or in the Flight A strat in Strataflighted events.

Prior to the event the directors normally set aside at least 3 entries each direction for the top pairs... and then sell these to the pairs they rate as the one-, two-, and three-seeds. 

When the directors are local and know the players and their abilities, they may not need Jack's and Tom's help.  The directors also try to have similar numbers of Flights B and C players spread throughout the field in stratified events.  At the August Regional the directors may have more knowledge of players from out of town and may do the seeding themselves.

Difficulties can arise when a top seed buys their entry very late, or when there are very few top-flight players to seed. 

Advocate, Unit News Editor:

This position is writes the Unit 143 news for the District 8 Advocate, bi-monthly newsletter.  You can write to our Unit Advocate with questions, comments, and suggestions about duplicate bridge in Unit 143.  Please put UNIT 143 NEWS in the subject line, to help avoid being scooped up by a Spam filter.


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