Unit 143

Guidelines for Writing and Evaluating

Proposals Submitted to the Education Committee

Approved 2/13 /08

Education Committee Chair: Ed Hale

Colleagues:   Jane Ettelson, Daryl Fisher, Lee Hastings, & Jennifer Luner

Unit 143 is interested in promoting and expanding the playing of duplicate bridge in the St. Louis area, especially at its sectional and regional tournaments. To help accomplish this goal it is desirable to teach players who are new to bridge and/or duplicate bridge to play duplicate bridge.

Grants to fund appropriate bridge teaching proposals and projects which promote the above objectives may be awarded, but there is limited funding. Such grants are intended as an investment in the future of the Unit and are not outright gifts. Some form of payback to the Unit must be indicated in all proposals. Proposals can be submitted anytime. However, it is likely to take at least two months for a funding decision on a project to begin in the new calendar year (winter semester) and longer at other times.

Proposals should be sent to the Chairman of the Education Committee, currently Edward Hale (Ed's e-mail).  Any proposal must indicate the proposer, the project, and funding in detail. Items which must be included are:

  1. A Bridge teacher resume of proposer - Submit a bridge teacher resume.  Include teaching accreditation classes taken, instructor's playing experience and other items requested on the Online Teacher application available on the ACBL web site.
  2. Students - How many students and how many classes?
  3. Where lessons will be taught - Indicate facilities where classes will be held.
  4. Procedures to be used - Indicate the book(s) to be used and other course materials, if any.
  5. Time frame - Indicate the length and duration of the class and any plans for continuation.
  6. Budgetary details - Indicate what funding you would like and how the funds will be spent.
  7. Return on investment - Estimate how Unit should realize return on its investment for most, if not all funding.

Some special items must be met:

Funding could include supplies needed to get a course started.  For example, Book I of the Easybridge! series or paper supplies needed to run ACBL sanction games, such as convention cards or travelers.

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