Kelly White

I grew up in Wisconsin and moved to St. Louis in 1977 after I graduated from college (BSEE from UW-Madison). I worked at Anheuser-Busch as a process engineer until 2008 when A-B was bought out. Unlike a few of my A-B cohorts who were able to fully enjoy the game of bridge in their retirement, I decided to pursue a second career in teaching. I obtained my teaching certification and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from UMSL.  I taught at Cor Jesu Academy for five years before retiring in 2015. While at CJA I arranged for Phyllis Siegel to conduct bridge lessons for a group of my students.

I played a little lunch time bridge at A-B but didn’t start playing more frequently until after I left the brewery. I became a regular player once I retired in 2015. Like so many others I enjoy the challenge and the competition of the game. I especially like meeting new players and making new friends.

I am married to the love of my life, have four children, and one grandchild. As a service dog puppy raiser I have a new puppy to train. Her name is Sabrina, a black Labrador from Duo, an assistance dog organization based in St. Louis. You will hopefully see her at upcoming bridge sessions. Although incredibly cute, unfortunately you can only look but not touch!




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