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I hope everybody is having a good summer and trying to get back to a normal life.  I, like many, have been looking forward playing face-to-face bridge again and seeing some familiar faces again.  A special thank you goes out to the St. Louis Bridge Center (SLBC) for providing the online BBO games during these Covid-19 times.  As you know, the SLBC has started up face-to-face bridge again.  They have implemented safety policies to protect those in attendance.  The table counts are down from before Covid-19 but those numbers are sure to grow.  Your Unit 143 Board is watching the participation at the SLBC to determine whether/when to hold I/N Tournaments and Sectionals.  We will be having a Board meeting in July to discuss this issue.





John Welte

President, Unit 143





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St. Louis Bridge Center Closed


starting Tuesday, July 27


New temporary on-line schedule is below.



Most of you have heard that the County government has placed a new mask mandate in place. Remaining open is an option, but the Board believes that the majority of our membership, though we acknowledge that not all, would prefer we go online until the mandate is lifted.  It is not likely to be long.  It will also give those reluctant to return a chance to win gold points next week. Running a game at the CENTER AND ONLINE is not advisable. We will do it this Monday because not all will be aware of our decision.  There is also a CHAT game scheduled for Monday and most all of those attending are not on our email list. We will have masks available Monday if you forget to bring your own.


Thanks in advance for your support of our decision and your promise to return to the Center when we open again.


Our schedule will be as follows until further notice.  Please note that the afternoon game time will be at 2:30 as it currently is (NOT at 1:30 as it was during the first wave of the pandemic).


Monday July 26 we will have morning face to face AND online games – 10:00am FTF and online.  2:30pm online only.

After Monday, the Center will close and all games will be online.

Starting Tuesday July 27, this is our new temporary schedule for online play.

                Monday thru Friday – 10:00am & 2:30pm - open & 499er

                Saturday & Sunday – 1:00pm – open and 499er

                Tuesday 6pm – open

                Wednesday 7pm – open Fast Pairs


Online game next week (July 26 – August 1) will be ¼ GOLD, ¾ black double points.


If you are not currently on BBO and want help signing up, call Janet Vontz (314-803-8808), Phyllis Siegel (314-313-6092) or Beth Percich (314-306-3368).


Spread the word to your bridge partners and friends.


For anyone who has signed up for an August class with Phyllis, they WILL be held but will require proof of vaccination and a mask.

Please contact Phyllis at 314-313-6092 or psiegeltennis@yahoo.com  if you want to sign up, have questions or changed your mind.


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ACBL Special Events On-line Schedule







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The Unit Board has made the difficult decision to cancel both the September I/N tournament and the October sectional tournament due to the concerns with the Delta variant of COVID, and concerns over the ACBL Mandatory requirements for holding any tournament at this time.



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Congratulations to new GOLD Life Master

Dolores K Hill!!!


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Notice: The membership directory page now has the capability of requesting and receiving (via email) a full directory listing. The Unit will no longer be printing the Membership Directory.
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Most of us want to play the game of duplicate bridge honestly.  When you play against an opponent you suspect is not playing in accordance with the Laws, or violating the Code of Disciplinary Regulations, please file a Player Memo.  This can be found by clicking the "Conduct and Ethics" link under Unit 143 Governance. 


You may also privately text the game director, but making a public accusation is in itself a violation of the CDR, so please be careful to report suspicious conduct properly.

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Jeffco Bridge Club and J's Bridge Pad clubs have been shut down.  A new club listed as South County Games has been organized playing at DuBowl Bowling Alley at 2711 Lemay Ferry Road in Mehville.  Director is Jay Shah.  The scheduled games are shown on the Clubs>Schedules page under South County Games.

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Notice of ACBL Unit 143 Director Changes




Ken Obrecht, Mark Zellmer and Don Chase were appointed to replace John Levis, Doug Larson and Jay Shah respectively.  There is one open position on the board.



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😀  In the spirit of friendliness at our games, please try to always wear your nametags! 😀
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Upcoming Events at Area Clubs


Be sure and take advantage of the many classes offered thoughout the area to help improve your game.  Also let your friends know about the classes geared to beginners.








North American Pairs (NAP) Qualifying games at clubs (face-to-face)

June, July and August



St. Louis Bridge Center


August 7, 10am-12pm - WHAT IS 2 OVER 1 by Phyllis Siegel

August 14, 9am-2pm - LEARN BRIDGE IN A DAY by Phyllis Siegel

August 21, 10am-12pm - CONVENTIONS by Phyllis Siegel


October 9, 10 - 3 educational classes by Larry Cohen




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2021 Unit Game Schedule (not yet set)

Check participating locations.

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Unit 143 News

Unit 143 added the following new members last month:

Ben M Bishop

Unit membership is 1151

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As a courtesy to our players, we will publish game cancellations of Edwardsville, IL Unit 223 games in the banner header if there is inclement weather.

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In Memoriam


It is with sadness that we note the passing of




Audrey Friedman, July 1, click here for obituary

Marilyn Bogacki, July 13, click here for obituary




We will publish names of Unit members who pass away from us

and link to an obituary. Please notify us.


Unit 143 Board Meeting held on the second Wednesday of each month at

Creve Coeur Government Center Mtg Room 1, 7 PM prior to 2021.


Starting in 2021, these meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 7 PM on-line via ZOOM.

All Unit Members are welcome to join the meeting.


Next meeting:  Wednesday, Sept 8, 7:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8569 8880748?pwd=NlVheWFhNGFRMm16Wl R4SmIrc2lUdz09

Meeting ID: 856 9888 0748
Passcode: 119198

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District 8 News

Current District 8 Advocate Web newsletter

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Unit Masterpoint Races YTD

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Honor Roll

masterpoint ranking requirements for those joining prior to 1/1/10
masterpoint ranking requirements for those joining 1/1/10 or later


All Advancers in 2021 updated 8/1/2021


Life Master Milestones

Kudos to:

*** New Life Masters ***

Dr. Steven N Schwartz

Mary Jo Wilson



*** New Bronze Life Masters ***


Patricia K Lazaroff

William Lobdell

Jay I Sarver

Mary Jo Wilson



*** New Silver Life Master ***

Bernard Hoover 


*** New Ruby Life Master ***

Michael G Kelly


*** New Gold Life Master ***


Dolores K Hill 



*** New Sapphire Life Master ***






*** New Diamond Life Master ***






*** New Emerald Life Master ***





*** New Platinum Life Master***





*** New Grand Life Master***


*** Other Advancers ***



Julie G Rogers




The Colorado Springs analysis that they call

'Power Rankings'.

Frequently Asked Questions about Power Rankings.

Click here for our unit. 

This analysis will continue to be available on the Honor Rolls page;

in the future, you can access from News/Membership Services.

Photo Policy

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ACBL launches new Learn to Play Bridge

free download web application software

 Learn To Play Bridge can now be directly shared with friends and family

over the Internet. Play a hand and share it on Facebook, Twitter or through email!



Join the ACBL

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Bridge Hand of the Week

ACBL Bridge Bites

bridge articles - geared toward the beginner/newcomer bridge player

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Fringe Benefits of Bridge? Brainpower!!!

?Playing your cards right can help keep you sharp long after retirement

by Jon Saraceno, ?AARP Bulletin, March 2015

Bridge makes us use our brains.picture of brain

When doctors evaluate games that are most effective in

staving off dementia, bridge is always at the top of the list

Bridge players are the most successful agers on earth.

Although it cannot cure Alzheimer's, bridge is a wonderful game

to slow the onset and progression of Alzheimer's.

University of CA, Irvine       

Institute for Memory Impairments       

and Neurological Disorders       


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