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This is an initiative of the board of directors of Unit 143, the American Contract Bridge League of Greater St. Louis, Inc. We are doing this as a service for our members. We hope it will help you find schedules and locations for club games, tournaments, and special events, and provide other information that will enhance your enjoyment of the game. Check on the site as it develops, and send along suggestions to this address: designteam@unit143.org


The mission of the Unit 143 web site is to provide Unit members and interested bridge players who visit our site with easy-to access and use, up-to-date information about duplicate bridge 'happenings' in the Greater St. Louis Unit area. We strive for a balance between news, need to know, and nice-to-know data and reference materials. We welcome both positive and negative feedback from our users @ designteam@unit143.org as the site is designed to serve you.


Andy & Sheryl Finkenstadt, with graphics created by Tracy Butler and Jay Jaijum Lim.

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Jennifer Luner, Milt Zlatic, and Helene Siegfried.



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