The ACBL laws require each player to have a completely filled-out convention card placed visibly on the table. Some people do this manually and keep them. Others fill them out each time and throw them away. Some people have convention card holders to preserve their cards because that is easier (and usually neater) than making a new card each session.

And some people have convention cards that are neatly printed in those holders. Here is how you can get your own convention card to print. (The holders are very inexpensive and can usually be found at any Regional tournament, or can be ordered online.)



Convention Card Basics. I want to know more about how to fill out a convention card, what each line is supposed to mean, and how to decide what I should put in. Tell me everything.

Convention Card Program. I know how to fill it in. Just get me to the program that lets me make and print my own convention cards.  This link will send you to one of the best - a web page that will let you download a free Convention Card Editor by Lee Edwards.  When you click on the link on that page that says "Download ACBL Install. exe"... well, it does it.

ACBL's How to fill out the convention card

And finally, here is the simplest convention card of all:  The Standard American Yellow Card,  download and print it.

Download a PDF of the card as well as full instructions for using this popular convention card.


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