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heart FREE Learn to Play Bridge download by Fred Gitelman is available at the ACBL website.  More than 40,000 people have downloaded the program and have found it to be user-friendly and exceptionally comprehensible.

bullet Masterpoints. What they are, what they mean, and where to get them.

INTERMEDIATE/NEWCOMER RESOURCES - If you are a beginning player, there is a lot of information here for you to enjoy.




This is a short, annotated list of really, REALLY good
bridge reference sites.

You can get lost forever in this fascinating material.


ACBL's Learning and Teaching Tools  Links to:

Everything else you could ever want to know

How to Play Bridge
How to Keep Score
Introduction to Duplicate Bridge

Audrey Grant's website offers information on instructional material and courses, publications, quizzes and resources.

Bridge World  What's going on in the world of bridge?  Find out here: tournament reports, bidding forums, and much more. 

Richard Pavlicek's Home Page : World class site. Bridge quizzes, play of the hand, bidding, you name it. This is the man who does all those analyses for the hand records you get at the nation-wide Instant Matchpoint Game. He also has a useful page full of web links.

Bridge Conventions: as stated in the title

Jerry Helms' website featuring biography, seminars, picture gallery, & Ask Jerry,

Karen's Bridge Library a world-class reference site. Something for every level of player. Run by Karen Walker, who also is editor of the District 8 Advocate (bi-monthly newsletter).

Larry Cohen's website features bridge articles, bidding, software, and lecture information.

OK Bridge: A fairly extensive reference library is part of their site.

Play like a Champion! offers, among other things, a series of Intermediate and Advance bridge hands.


Baron Barclay

The world's leading retailer of books and supplies on the game of bridge. They carry virtually every bridge book in print and anything needed for playing contract or duplicate bridge. They also have videos, computer programs, electronic bridge games, a wide selection of the world's finest playing cards and numerous gift items.

Their 64-page catalog is sent to over 100,000 bridge players twice annually.

Devyn Press is the publishing division of Baron Barclay. It is the largest American publisher of bridge books with over 50 titles in print. Their books are sold in bookstores throughout the U.S. and distributed in every English-speaking country in the world.





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