Active Ethics

"A primary objective of the ACBL is to instill in all players the concept that vigorous efforts should be made to provide equity in bridge. Every player should take pains to make sure that the opponents have in no way been harmed through incomplete or misleading information as to the meaning of conventional calls and treatments."

What does this mean?

The ACBL is a community of people, united by a love of duplicate bridge. Duplicate bridge is a contest, a competition among its members, a game with rules and guidelines designed to promote the pleasure of playing. When those rules are obeyed, both in letter and in spirit, the game is FAIR.

Question: "What does following the spirit of the law mean?"

In a nutshell, a player is required to avoid any action or inaction which will gain himself or his partner unauthorized information (UI). That means

Let's be real about this. There are other ways of gaining UI. So, being fair can ALSO mean:

After all, what fun is it to win when the playing field is not level?

For more information, see Active Ethics on the ACBL web site.


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