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September 26 , 2009  199er Championship.

Reservations will be requested for preferential seating.


March 7, 2009 199er Championship brings 50 tables to this Sectional-rated (silver MPs) event.

Afternoon Results.

Morning Winners

34 tables

Flights A & B

Sandi & Marvin Meinz

4.18 Silver Points!


Flight C

Robert & Marlo Niehaus

2.03 Silver Points!

Afternoon Winners

16 tables

Flights A, B, & C

Mark Ziegelman & Karen Pahuski

2.47 Silver Points!

Mark & Karen won the March 2008

199er Tournament.  You bet they'll be back in September trying for a "threepeat"!

Now isn't that cool!!!



September 27, 2008 199er championship brings 43.5 tables to this Sectionally-rated (silver MPs) event.

Morning results.

Afternoon results.


Morning Winners

31 Tables

Flights A, B, & C:

Mary Ann Shepard 


Lee Stueby

Afternoon Winners

12.5 Tables

Flight A:

Sharlene Morgan


Marcia Ridley

Flight B:

Mary Dolan


Cheryl Schaefer

Flight C:

Virginia Frederick


Katie Boles

March 1, 2008 199er Championship game brought 48.5 tables to play. 

Afternoon results.

Evening results.


Morning Winners

Flight A

Tom O'Reilly-Pol

Harvey Laux

Flight B

Lynda and Mitchell Fish

Flight C

Ellen Svenson

Katy Mullins

Evening Winners:

Flights A, B, & C

Karen Pahuski and Mark Ziegelman



Morning Session filled the room to capacity -- 34.5 tables.


September 29, 2007 199er championship game brought 38 tables to play.  Afternoon: Flts A,B, & C    Elizabeth Meteer and Martha Hanley   Evening: Flt. A: Linda Mize and Mary Hawley Flt B & C Susan Pensonsau and Don Klingsick   For some pictures and more winners, click here.


Ann Gruver & Sara Fabrick win 49er National Pairs at the Spring 2007 NABC! Congratulations!



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