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The Unit Board of Directors offers this list as a service to students desiring to learn more about the game of bridge, particularly duplicate bridge. The Unit does NOT endorse the work of any one of these teachers over another.  You should talk with other bridge players and interview a range of teachers before you select any teacher.

Listed in Alphabetical order:

Name: Lee Hastings

ACBL Ranking: Gold Life Master

Phone: 314-469-8668


# Years Teaching: 10

Approximate # Students Taught: 350 and growing

Where Lessons Held:  in my home or yours


Preferred Method of Teaching: ACBL Teacher Accreditation Program accredited, Easybridge! accredited, Cruise director certified

Lessons from Fundamentals through 2/1 Game Force, Defense, and Play of the Hand: feature the bidding ladder, pre-dealt hands and 'theme of the week' lesson focus. 12 Practice hands to reinforce learning each lesson.

Classes or private lessons for small or large groups or individual. 

Professional Play Dates: Yes for tournaments or local club games

Name: George Hawley

ACBL Ranking: Ruby Life Master

Phone: 314-921-9354


# Years Teaching: 12

Approximate # Students Taught: 400+

Where Lessons Held: St. Louis Community College @ Florissant Valley - Continuing Education; call 314-595-4444 for beginning & intermediate class schedules

Preferred Method of Teaching: community college class
Professional Play Dates: No

Name:  Linda Powers

ACBL Ranking:  Gold Life Master

Phone:  636-532-2210


# Years Teaching: 12

Approximate # Students Taught:  1200

Where Lessons Held:  arranged

Preferred Method of Teaching:  Will teach beginning and beyond. 

Classes are structured to fit the needs of the students, from basic bidding to conventions, declarer play and defense. 

Two hour lesson includes one hour of instruction and one hour of prepared hands.

Professional Play Dates: Yes


ACBL Ranking:




# Years Teaching:

Approximate # Students Taught: 

Preferred method of teaching:

Where Lessons Held:


Name:  Jay Shah

ACBL Ranking: Ruby Life Master  


Phone:  314-493 6093   Website:

# Years Teaching: 5 formal, 10 plus of informal teaching

Approximate # Students Taught:  150+

Classes are suitable for the absolute beginner to the Novice Players. Very active in promoting bridge thru novice friendly games. Have helped many players in achieving their life master status by playing in tournaments to get the required color points and continuing doing so with many more. According to my wife, bridge is my mistress!

Conducting classes (on line lessons/videos) to get the most out of the computer software such as Bridge Baron.

Have also taught several private groups (of 4 or more) and continuing these lessons. Also available for one on one lessons at the sanctioned club game.

Visit my website for the latest schedule of lessons and novice friendly games.

Preferred method of teaching: Accredited teacher, ACBL director


Name:  Phyllis Siegel

ACBL Ranking: Gold Life Master

Phone:  314-966-3933


# Years Teaching: 30+ years

Approximate # Students Taught:  Too many to count

Where Lessons Held:  St. Louis Community College at Meramec, Affton Community Center, St. Louis Bridge Center, Bridge for Kids at MEGSS, MICDS, & Cor Jesu, Teacher at Youth Bridge Camp, Teacher at High School Bridge Camp on cruises and private lessons.


Preferred Method of Teaching: Accredited teacher, ACBL director, SAYC, 8-week beginners' bridge and party bridge with intermediate instruction; Intro to duplicate. "Teaching Bridge is my Fun job" 


Name:  Janet Vontz

ACBL Ranking: Silver Life Master

Phone: 314-803-8808


# Years Teaching: 6

Approximate # Students Taught:  not reported

Where Lessons Held:  arranged

Preferred Method of Teaching:  ACBL Certified.  Casual weekly 2-hour Tuesday Morning hands-on classes at Lake Saint Louis.  Q&A session for 1 hour after Saturday Afternoon game at Bridge Haven.  Available for private lessons.  Can also teach Precision system (classical or hybrid) to an establishing partnership.


Professional Play Dates: Yes
Here are two easy approaches for groups who wish to learn to play modern bridge or while playing bridge!  Read on for details...


Easybridge! is for people who have never played bridge, people who learned to play a long time ago and would like to learn how to play modern bridge, and people who play “ social ” bridge occasionally and would like to broaden their skills.

Easybridge! is based on experiential learning. You learn from and while playing the game of bridge. Each game begins with a short presentation that expands on what you learned from your Easybridge “Comic Book” (a text book like you've never seen before). Yes, there is homework, but you've never been better entertained while learning!

At each Easybridge! game, you pause and help yourself at a (free) table filled with goodies on your way to your bridge table. You can come with a partner or not. Sometimes, you will play with that partner, more often with another nice person. It is common to see a player show his cards to an opponent asking, “How would you bid this hand?” We are here to learn how to play bridge, not to demonstrate how smart we are.

If you have never played before, join the fun during the first 4 or 5 games in an Easybridge! 1 series. If you already know something about bridge, join the fun anytime!

Incidentally, while most bridge “classes” are x-number of weeks long, Easybridge! never ends! When we complete the 15-week Easybridge! 1, we start the 10-week Easybridge! 2. After that comes 10 weeks of Easybridge! 3. And, guess what? It never finishes. You just learn more and more, play more and more, eat more and more free goodies and meet more and more nice partners and opponents.

If you have any questions, contact LEE HASTINGS (314-469-8668).


A special form of duplicate play devised for students. It is patterned after the students' classroom experience. The games usually last two hours, allowing the students to play 10-15 hands. The games are supervised by an accredited teacher.

Students can practice bridge, duplicate style, after completing a basic class.

The Bridge Plus game is divided into 2 segments, 20 minutes of instruction followed by a social duplicate game .

If you do not have a partner, please "come on out."

A partner will be provided.

Lesson Topics Include
1. Class on Role of Partners
2. What Do I Open?
3. Major Openers & Responses
4. Minor Openers & Responses
5. No Trump Opening



If you desire to have your name listed as a Bridge Teacher, please send the required information to

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