In Memoriam


We publish names of Unit members who pass away from us

and link to an obituary published for two weeks in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Please send us any errors or omissions.


Charles Liebert - Dec. 25

Robert Allen Schoen - Dec. 24

Gloria Heinemann - Nov. 21

Lucille Novoson - Nov. 3

Sharad S. Chitgopekar - December 02

Norbert Alcuin Jacob Kremer - Nov. 28

Gloria Browning - November 23

Elizabeth Van Patten - Nov. 15

Pierce Rhodes, October

Mary Ann Arnold -September 18

Freda L. Carroll - Aug. 12

Mary A. Fisher -July

Dan Deutsch - May 25

Note: It is ACBL league policy to print the names in the Bridge Bulletin

only of those who die who are members at the time of their death.


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