Mike Carmen

Unit 143 Meritorious Service Award


Today is a very special day for Unit 143. Today we are recognizing an individual who has done more for bridge in Unit 143, in District 8, and at the national level than anyone before from this area.

Mike Carmen has given more than 30 years of outstanding volunteer service in the promotion of this game we all love. He has done it with dignity, with integrity, with great dedication, and with a lot of hard work.

For the unit, he has served on the board of directors as President, caddie chairperson, hospitality chairperson, club liaison, District 8 representative, and tournament chairperson.

At the district level, besides serving as past District Vice President and President, he currently chairs the finance, nominating, and disciplinary committees.
At the national level, Mike has supported four ACBL Nationals held in St. Louis over the last twenty-five years--one as the National hospitality chair, two as the
National tournament Co-Chair, and one as the sole tournament chairman. This represents a tremendous amount of planning, preparation, and attention to detail----all of which Mike did while working a full time job and still fulfilling his unit and district duties. And, because these nationals were so successful and because the ACBL has confidence in Mike's abilities, St. Louis was awarded the 2013 nationals sooner than the normal rotation would dictate. He was also recognized by the ACBL through his appointments to both the national goodwill and charity committees.

Despite this long-term service, in virtually every capacity available, Mike just keeps on giving. He continues to function as our tournament chairperson for three sectionals and a regional every year, and he has just been elected to serve, for the second time, as Vice President of District 8 for 2015, on a course to the presidency in two years. For all these incredible contributions to Unit 143 and the ACBL, Unit 143 would like to present the “first ever” Unit 143 Meritorious Service Award to our own volunteer extraordinaire and a great guy, Mike Carmen! Congratulations, Mike!




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