St. Louis Spring Sectional May 19-21, 2017



Tom Oppenheimer accepting the

Unit 143 Meritorious Service Award





Click here for photos of event winners, new Life Masters, Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs winnersClick here to read presentation by President Hubert.


Congratulations to the following Unit members who made the

Barry Crane Top 500 for 2016!


Ron Ashbacher #118 with 921 MP

En Xie #211 with 733 MP

Jack Bryant #247 with 687 MP

Mark Boswell #367 with 571 MP

Clay Cuthbertson # 423 with 534 MP

Milt Zlatic #443 with 527 MP



299er Tournament March 2017



Click here for results


Click here for photos


St. Louis 2017 Winter Sectional


Click here to view results



Please click here for text of Becky's speech about Milt's service to Unit 143


Below Milt Zlatic receiving the Meritorious Service Award. 


Jack Bryant receiving the Ed Schultz Unit Champion Award for 2016


Labor Day weekend, 2016, Unit 143 member Jack Bryant reached the 20,000 Masterpoint milestone.  Click here for link to Joe Holleman reporting this remarkable achievement in January 7, 2017 Post Dispatch. 

2016 Spring 299er Tournament Results

71.5 Total Tables; thanks for your support!


Saturday morning 0-299 winners - 27 Tables (36 total Tables)

1st Overall: Anne Albrecht   & Nancy Galvin

1st in A & B:  Anne Albrecht & Nancy Galvin

1st in C: John Hagedorn & Sharon Sweet

Saturday morning 0-49 winners - 9 Tables

1st Overall: Michael Bobroff Jeffrey Pass

2nd Overall: Brad Stout & James Pascoe

3rd Overall:  Nancy Hope & Carol Gilker

Saturday afternoon 0-299 winners - 18 Tables

1st Overall:  Margaret Boveri & Cathy Galan

2nd Overall:  Liz Teasdale & Ann Wilkerson

3rd Overall: Ruth Byers & Marcee Silverstein

1st in C:  Dan Waeltermann & Michael Schneider

Sunday morning 0-299 winners - 17.5 Tables

1st Overall:  James Pascoe & Brad Stout

2nd Overall:  Aimee Whitelaw & David Dierkes

3rd Overall:  Robert Gardiner & Darlene Trenholm


Results by board

Photos of winners


Barry Crane Top 500

Congratulations, All!

194 Jack Bryant Saint Louis MO 754.71
219 En Xie Saint Louis MO 723.68
321 Rod Beery Saint Charles MO 615.19
365 Milton Zlatic Saint Louis MO 578.08
406 Mark Boswell Clarkson Valley MO 548.64
446 Clay Cuthbertson Quincy IL 526.55


Unit 143 Sweeps District 8 North American Pairs


                            FLIGHT A.  MILT ZLATIC & TOM OPPENHEIMER

                           FLIGHT B. NORM GOLDMAN & CLAY CUTHBERTSON

                            FLIGHT C  AARON KRIESER & JAMES VOELZ

Kudos all!

Jim Voelz is formerly of St. Louis and still resides in District 8 in IN.

For 2015 District 8 Finals, click here

1st, 2nd, and 3r place in Flight A and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in Flight B and C

will qualify to play in the National Finals in Reno, Nevada in March 2016


St. Louis Fall Sectional

Oct. 16-18, 2015

Blanchette Park, St. Charles, MO

Top Match Point Winners

1 52.81 Alan Popkin, Saint Louis MO
2 43.03 Tom Oppenheimer, Clayton MO
3 38.07 En Xie, Saint Louis MO
4 37.34 Jack Bryant, Saint Louis MO
5 37.23 Nancy Popkin, Saint Louis MO
6 36.09 Debra Romero, Clarkson Valley MO
7 27.86 Milton Zlatic, Saint Louis MO
8 27.46 Tom Kniest, Brentwood MO
9 24.97 George Markus, Clayton MO
10 23.90 Clay Cuthbertson, Quincy IL
11 23.14 Michael Pitonak, Valley Park MO

Click here for results and photos

Collage of Sunday



Unit 143 Fall 199er Tournament

Saturday, Sunday September 26-27. 2015

Thank you for your attendance! A record turnout...

Sat am 30 tables + Sat aft 17 tables + Sun am 22 tables= 69 tables


Saturday morning 0-49er

1st in A & B:  Marilyn Cooper Janet Jones 61.76%

1st in C: Lois Venus Fran Poger 70.00 58.33%

Saturday Morning Results 0-199er

1st overall: Mark Behling Michael Albers 64.55%

2nd overall:  Ann Ross Marilyn Morton 64.47%

3rd overall: Cindy Grumney Penny Williams 60.75%

Saturday Afternoon Results 0-199er

1st overall: Mary Foushee Mary Ferrick 61.17%

2nd overall: James Meteer Grace Fagin 60.61%

Tie 3rd/4th overall: Robert Street Bob Gulovsen 58.71% and

Patricia Koncki John Belfi 58.7%1

Sunday Morning Results 0-199er

1st overall:  Debb Keniley Joile Mackney 63.49%

Tie 2nd/3rd Overall:  Dan Waeltermann Michael Schneider 61.62%

Tie 2nd/3rd Overall: 1st in B:  Crystal Beuerlein Amy Galvin 61.62%

1st in C:  Larry Labrier Nancy Labrier 59.92%



IL Senior Olympics



Congratulations to Alan Lemley & Mark Ziegelman - 5th in Flight B


Pro Am Charity Game
at Bridge Haven

for Backstoppers

raises $9.6K - an all-time high


Here are the Overall: Kudos to the winners

and thanks to all who played and contributed!

67.39%   1   4.67(S)   Phillip Alder - Aaron Kriese
63.49%   2   3.50(S)   Tom Kniest - Chuck Ettelson
63.19%   3   2.63(S)   En Xie - Randy Baker
60.88%   4   1.97(S)   Kenneth Bland - Helene Siegfried
60.13%   5   1.53(S)   Marvin Shapiro - Stephen Zenk
58.97%   6   1.11(S)   Tom Oppenheimer - Bill Canfield

ACBL Summer Nationals


Click on Results, then click on NABC Results, then click on Chicago, IL

for Overalls, Recap Sheets, & Hand Records 

  Daily Bulletin, Bracket Sheets, and MORE


Youth Bridge Camp

Carlinville, IL

June 28 - July 3, 2015

Read full story

Congratulations to our 3 Scholarship Winners!

L to R: Benjamin Torio, & Ella Reising, first time campers

and Kaleigh Ishmael 3rd year camper!

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Adult Bridge Boot Camp

October 19-22

Camp Williamson in Carlinville, IL

Flyer and registration information


St. Louis Gateway

to the West Regional


Thank you for attending.  Hope you had a good time.

See you at the Sectional in October.

9036.02 MPs earned by 805 players

Total attendance: 1378 tables

Kudos to Unit 143 Players in the top 50 MP Earners


20 80.36 Jack Bryant, Saint Louis MO
21 73.28 Milton Zlatic, Saint Louis MO
28 57.18 Rod Beery, Saint Charles MO
29 57.10 En Xie, Saint Louis MO
38 49.51 Debra Romero, Clarkson Valley MO
39 48.70 Mike Giacaman, Saint Louis MO
43 44.57 Tom Kniest, Brentwood MO


Kudos to New Life Masters

Dorothy Santner, Bob Daniels, Susie Corley and Pam Ames

... and to new Bronze Life Masters Barb MacPeek and Peggy Stewart

,,, and to new Silver Life Master Dianne Glick!


Tournament Lost & Found: contact Jay Shah to claim

1 umbrella, 1 red jacket, 1 cooler


2015 World Wide Bridge Contest

Friday evening June 5 & Saturday afternoon June  6


St. Louis Spring Sectional


May 15-17, 2015



Are you signed up for ACBL Fast Results?

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Congratulations to Jennifer Luner

who received the Unit 143 Meritorious Service Award

Read of Jennifer's service contributions & her thank you

Photos of New Life Masters, 2014 Ace of Clubs &

2014 Mini McKenney Winners, collage of weekend, &

winners Saturday's Open Pairs: Steve Zenk & Clay Culbertson



3 Tables
1 Richard Ellis Jr, Kokomo IN; Michael Carmen, Saint Louis MO; Kathleen Safranski,C chesterfield, MO; Martha Leary, Urbana IL


2 Tables
1 Charles Young - Patrick Moos - Rich Pestien - Alin Olaru, Peoria IL
2 Mary Allen, Peoria IL; Lori Moore - Ann Schuyler - Eunice Patton, Bloomington IL

9 Tables
1 Milt Epstein - Kalliopi Koutsaki - Chih-Cheng Yeh, Urbana IL; Scott Spitze, Champaign IL
2 Michael Heimann - Geoffrey Hadlock - Patrick Oconnell, Warsaw IN; Thomas O'Connell, North
Port FL

3 James Swanke, Morton IL; Sallie Boge - Mary Tweedie, Bloomington IL; Kirk Kimmel, Peoria IL
4 Josh Rich, Alton IL; Carol Phillips, Godfrey IL; Joyce Kirby, Glen Carbon IL; Donna
Murphy, Worden IL

3 Tables
36.00 1 Jack Bryant - Milton Zlatic - Nancy Popkin - Alan Popkin, Saint Louis MO; Karen Walker - James Ward, Champaign IL


  2-Day St Louis Spring 199er

Sectional Tournament 

72 tables over 3 Sessions

Saturday Morning Winners

1st Overall: Gary Rotert Paul Bridges

1st in A & B: Gary Rotert & Paul Bridges

1st in C: Harvey Rudman & Dan Rudman


Saturday Evening Winners

1st Overall:  Steven Clements & John Welte

1st in A:  Steven Clements & John Welte

1st in B & C:  John & Kathy Hagedorn

Sunday Morning Winners

1st Overall:  Mary Kernan & Paul Bridges

1st in A & B: Mary Kernan & Paul Bridges

1st in C: John & Kathy Hagedorn



See tournament results for photos of winners   


District 8 Winter STaC
Monday February 2 - Sunday February 8, 2015

Stratify by average for games submitted for the district wide event. Strata are:

    • A – 2000+
    • B – 750 -2000
    • C – 0 – 750

    District 8 Daily results and overalls -


    Almost 1100 players won over 2800 MPs District Wide

    Congratulations St. Louis players in the top 25 MP winners:

    Rank  MP won Name, City

    1 38.90 Judy Eaton, Edwardsville IL

    2 37.89 Rod Beery, Saint Charles MO

    3 31.89 En Xie, Saint Louis MO

    5 26.96 Jack Bryant, Saint Louis MO

    8 21.59 Debra Romero, Clarkson Vly MO

    12 18.58 Mark Boswell, Clarkson Valley MO

    13 18.38 Ralph Behrens, Saint Louis MO

    15 17.50 Sheldon Margulis, Saint Louis MO

    17 16.46 Milton Zlatic, St Louis MO

    19 15.93 Randy Baker, St Louis MO

    22 15.40 Jerome Shen, Saint Louis MO


    Mark your calendar: Next STaC Oct. 26 - Nov. 1, 2015



A Family Affair

She could be a poster child for the “playing bridge is good for the brain” theory.  Roberta Hayman is 92 years old and in January won her first duplicate trophy at the Unit 143 Sectional.

Daughter Judy Pass and her partner had a 51% game in the Friday afternoon open pairs event.  In the next room Judy’s mother Roberta Hayman and Judy’s husband Jeffrey Pass played the same hands in the 199er session.  They had a 57% game and came in first overall in C.

Roberta Hayman’s involvement with bridge goes back a long way.  She describes watching the game while sitting on her mother’s lap.  Roberta’s mother played the Culbertson system and friends called her “Three Notrump Liz”, a nickname based on her mother’s favorite contract.  (Ely Culbertson’s  bidding system predated Charles Goren.)

While raising her own children, Roberta played social bridge.  She began playing duplicate when Meadowbrook Country Club started a game in the 1970’s.

For years, Roberta went to Florida for the winter.  She played at duplicate games in Boca Raton and improved her game with lessons from William Root.  In St. Louis, Roberta continues to play in club games regularly and has partnered with her son-in-law at previous tournaments. 

For her 90th birthday, Roberta received an iPad.  What does she use it for?  She uses it daily to play bridge. 


En Xie Wins Ed Schultz - Unit Champion Award for 2014

See final results here:


St. Louis Winter Sectional

Blanchette Park, St. Charles

January 16-18, 2015 


Thanks for a good tournament!

New Unit Champion Race for 2015

Results are posted; photos when available

Congratulations to Tom Oppenheimer, top MP winner, 38.75 MP 

heart picture


Chris Patrias awarded 

Unit 143 Tournament Director, Emeritus

Read recognition remarks

Chris Patrias honored as Unit 143 Tournament Director, Emeritus,

receives memento from Mike Carmen, Tournament Chair

heart picture

JoAnn Froelich, New Life Masters Introduced

awarded her LM pin


heart picture


Ed Schultz Unit Champion Award for 2014

Linda Seibert presents to

En Xie


Congratulations En!


heart picture


Unit 143 Meritorious Service Award

presented to

Suzi Shymanski-Moore

Read recognition Remarks


 Congratulations, Suzi!



Congratulations to

Mike Carmen

2014 ACBL Volunteer of the Year



We are so very pleased to announce that

Mike Carmen has been awarded the ACBL Volunteer of the Year for 2014. 

The decision was just made at the Fall NABC in Providence, Rhode Island. 

This is a very prestigious award from the ACBL

for which Mike is very deserving. 

Read his winning nomination and accomplishments.

Congratulations, Mike!


Link to District 8 Finals Winners

Congratulations to our local players:

heart picture

2nd in Open: 

2 - (right) Sheldon Margulis, St. Louis - Gary Kessler, Springfield IL

5th and 5th in B:

5 - Mike Arnheim, St. Louis - Daniel Spangler, St. Peters MO

7 - Jay Shah - Phyllis Siegel, St. Louis

3rd & 4th in C:

 3 -  Josh Rich, Alton IL - Carol Phillips, Godfrey IL

 4 -  Hope Wood, Clarkson Valley MO - Jill Padua, St. Louis


STaC Week

District results by Day

Summary is at the end of Friday Evening's Results

Club Game results are posted, as usual.


St. Louis Fall Sectional

Oct. 17-19, 2014

Thanks for playing!



         Congratulations to Mike Carmen who accepted the  first

  Unit 143 Meritorious Service Award on Sunday.

Mike chose an atomic clock as his memento.

link to his contributions


Congratulations, Mike!

All results and photos


Illinois Bridge Senior Olympics

Kudos to these Unit 143 players:

5th in B
Alan Lemley - Mark Ziegelman, Saint Louis MO

2nd in C

Mary Strebek - Debbie Lane, St Louis MO




St. Louis Gateway to the West Regional

August 11 - 17, 2014

Thanks for supporting our Regional; hope you had fun and won!

Table count 1331



Youth Bridge Camp

June 22-28, 2014

Story and photos

Kaleigh Ishmael

2014 Unit 143 Scholarship Winner


Summer NABC

July 17-27 Las Vegas

Results and Daily Bulletins


Review the recent Unit 143 IRS filing for 1992: Form 990-EZ



The Longest Day - Benefit for the Alzheimer's Association

The St. Louis Bridge Center has formed a team

to raise money and support the

Alzheimer's Association's LONGEST DAY

event June 21, 2014.

Information is available at St. Louis Bridge Center,

or to make a donation, click here.


World Wide Pairs  June 7-8


Congratulations to Roger and Jacque who finished 12th Friday
& Sue and John who finished 18th on Saturday

12 Roger Lord & Jacqueline Sincoff 
( Edwardsville Duplicate Br, USA )
18 Susan Perez & John Samsel 
( St Louis Bridge Center, USA)

St. Louis Spring Sectional

4 items remain in tournament

Lost and Found

Please call to identify and claim, 314-469-8668

  • woman's jacket

  • man's jacket

  • woman's tote with contents


SLBC ranked 15th in total tables in 2013

with 8,942.5 tables. See complete list


Spring 199er Tournament

Open to all Bridge Players with <200 ACBL Masterpoints

Record attendance of 75 tables!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Congratulations to Winners


10 am Morning Session 42 tables

1st in A, B, & C Gerald Greiman & Robert Tucker


3 pm Afternoon Session 33 tables

1st in A & B Ruth Byers and Renee Harstein

1st in C John Levis and Barbie Freund

List of all MP winners


Thank you for your participation!

See you September 27, 2014 for the

Fall 199er Tournament.

Spring 2014 NABC

Dallas, TX

March 20-30

Results and Daily Bulletins

Winter 2014 STaC Week Results

Top District MP winners

Daily District 8 Results

All Daily Unit 143 Results

Unit 143 Board Action

The Board has established New Conditions of Contest for The Player of the Year Award, also known as The Ed Schultz Unit Champion Award

Effective January 1, 2014

click here for details


Sandra Meinz  and Pat Berger, Mark Ziegelman was unavailable



The ACBL and Unit 143 recognize

Phyllis for recruiting over 100 people

to the game of duplicate bridge

and the ACBL.

Congratulations, Phyllis,

and thank you! 

Phyllis receiving thanks from Unit 143 President, Debbie Romero


to the following players who made the

Barry Crane Top 500 List

for 2013



134 Jack Bryant 774.91
171 Rod Beery 704.04
281 En Xie 574.20
393 Tom Oppenheimer 514.57
411 Milton Zlatic 509.92

Fall 2013 NABC   Phoenix, AZ            Nov 28 - Dec 8

Daily Bulletin and Results

Congrats to
Tom Oppenheimer and Jack Bryant

1st in Jim Seamster Strat Open Pairs

Tom Oppenheimer and Jack Bryant
1st in Thursday Strat Open Pairs

Kudos to Jack Bryant & Alan Popkin
10th in Super Senior Pairs

District 8 NAP Finals

Springfield, IL

November 9, 2013

Unit 143 takes top 4 spots in Flight A

        1. Debbie Romero and En Xie
        2. Mike Giacaman and Richard Haacke
        3. Tom Kniest and Sue Perez
        4. Tom Oppenheimer and Milt Zlatic

Flight B  

3.  Norman Goldman and Clay Cuthbertson

Overall Results

Pictures and links to detail results and hand records on District 8 website


Congratulations to

Chuck Starovasnik and Barbara Reid

who have been appointed to the

National Charity Committee


All Unit officers were elected for another year, 2013-2014

President - Debbie Romero

Vice President - George Hawley

Treasurer - Jeff Kopolow

Secretary - Linda Seibert



  Jack Bryant was honored with a Unit 143 Lifetime Achievement Award at the October Sectional on Sunday Oct 20, 2013


Jack Bryant with award


Read Tribute to Jack

See the Photo Collage


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199er Fall Sectional Results

Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013

Kudos to our winners & thanks for attending!

53.5 Tables

Morning Results

1st in A: Jo Ann Froehlich and Pat Koncki

1st in B & C: Marilyn Ells & Elizabeth Studt


Afternoon Results

1st in A, B, & C: Robert Tucker & Gerald Greiman


Photo Collages

Winners photos & 26 photos - Were you there?


Illinois Senior Olympics Bridge Tournament
Tuesday, September 3


Kudos to Stephen Brauss & Sharon Christenson

who were 1st Overall!

4th Pro Am Charity Game

for Backstoppers

Kudos to Overall winners:

Section A

1st Rod Van Wyk & Pamela Ames 64.35%

Tie 2nd/3rd Mark Boswell & Stephen Zenk

Tie 2nd/3rd Rod Beery & Clay Cuthbertson

4 En Xie & Randy Baker

5 Stephen Brauss & Tom Cadwell

6 Phillip Alder & Richard Ahrens

Section B

1st Marvin King & Daisy Spitzer 69.21%

2 George Marvin & Roseann Stice

3 James Hammond & Robert Bauman

4 Roger Lord & Sharon Christenson

5 Nancy Popkin & Augustyn Ortynski

6 Susan Perez & Kadie Davis

Full Results - Section A    Section B

St. Louis August Regional

August 19- 25, 2013


Thank you; we appreciate your support!

Be sure to see our Photo Collages

courtesy of Pat Corich.


All Bulletins and Results

Top Masterpoint Winners in our Unit

100.57 Milton Zlatic,  Saint Louis MO
100.25 Jack Bryant,  Saint Louis MO
91.19 Rod Beery,  St Peters MO
61.10 Tod Moses,  Saint Louis MO
59.16 Alan Popkin,  St Louis MO
57.91 Nancy Popkin,  Saint Louis MO
42.16 Debra Romero,  Clarkson Valley MO
39.17 Anthony Astrologes,  Florissant MO
37.73 Cookie Potter,  Sunset Beach CA
37.38 Jane Ettelson,  Saint Louis MO
36.19 Jay Shah,  St Louis MO
36.19 Phyllis Siegel,  Ballwin MO
35.90 Dennis Spencer,  Saint Louis MO

 "Hats On" to ACBL Youth Bridge! 

The MEGSSS (Math Enrichment for Secondary School Students) class was a huge success.  Nine students and a teacher, Jeanne Ra, learned to play bridge with the help of bridge teacher, Phyllis Siegel.   Classes met for 8  2-hour sessions at DeSmet High School.  


The final class was an adult-child tourney,  There was a 5-table Mitchell movement, playing 10 boards.  Three students brought grandparents, one brought her dad, and there were six volunteers from Unit 143 who played with the other students.  Special thanks to Bob Daniels, Rick Armstrong, Diana Drisko, Rob Kelly, Maureen Swihart, and Mary MacChesney.


Congratulations to Andres Guzman and his grandpa, Bob Wheeler, winner of N/S and Kaleigh Ishmael and her grandma, Barbara Branham, winner of E/W.

"We will be seeing these students at our local games.  Get ready!", says Phyllis Siegel.  To quote one of our parents,  "My kid is hooked!!"


Youth Bridge Camp 2013

Successfully Ends July 6

See full story & photos


Worldwide Bridge Bridge Contest

Simultaneous Pairs

link to eventual results page

St. Louis Spring Sectional

May 17 - 19, 2013

Thank You All For Attending


Roger Lord, New Grand Life Master  Congratulations, Roger!



2012 Ace of Clubs and Mini McKinney Winners

Top Masterpoint Winners

29.38 Alan Popkin

27.83 Debra Romero

26.88 Tom Kniest

25.17 En Xie

25.11 Nancy Popkin



to the 2013 NABC COMMITTEE

for a VERY SUCCESSFUL TOURNAMENT and for displaying our wonderful St. Louis hospitality.


Michael Carmen &

Glenn Smith

Caddies and Registration

Suzi Shymanski-Moore


Michael Carmen &

Glenn Smith


Kenny Bland

Restaurant Guide

Jane Ettelson


Rich Haacke


Beth Percich &

Phyllis Siegel

Pre-Tournament Entertainment

Nell Schneider


John Samsel

Tours/Special Events

Cookie Arneson


Mary Lou Weyerich


Steve Zenk


Kathy Safranski


Rick Edwards &

Carole Burt

Note from Steve Zenk, Partnership Chair, Nationals

Thanks to all of you who volunteered at the partnership desk during the NABC. Whether you came early in the morning or stayed until the very last minute before rushing off to your playing site, we couldn't have done it without you. I appreciate all of your help.


Fox2 video clip St. Louis Is Playing Host to the Cards, 3/21/13.

KUDOS to local happenings at the Nationals


Mark Brightfield

Diana Drisko

Bob Griffin

Navin Shah


  • Joe Butkiewicz was the highest scoring novice

click here for other high scoring novices

Placing in National Events...

    Marvin Shapiro and Tony Astrologes        15th in 10K Swiss

    Bob Bainter                                                    24th in 10K Swiss  

    Jack Bryant and Milt Zlatic                        19th in IMP Pairs

    Jack Bryant and Milt Zlatic                         13th  in Silver Ribbon Pairs

    Sheldon Margulis                                          22nd in Silver Ribbon Pairs

    Marvin Shapiro and Tony Astrologes       24th in Silver Ribbon Pairs

    Tom Oppenheimer and Kenny Bland        38th in Silver Ribbon Pairs

    Jacqueline Sincoff                                        19th in Silidor Pairs

    Debbie Romero and Peggy Wald                19th in Women's Pairs

    Ralph Behrens and Rod Beery                    29th in Jacoby Swiss

    Steve Brauss                                                  31st in Jacoby Swiss


Top Masterpoint Winners from St. Louis


47.07 Phyllis Siegel, Ballwin MO

46.64 Jay Shah, St Louis MO
45.79 Jack Bryant, Saint Louis MO
44.30 Milton Zlatic, Saint Louis MO
40.67 Mark Ehret, Saint Louis MO

Click here for top St. Louis Master Point Winners


Unit 143 Honored Our 3 Grand LMs by naming events in their honor


ACBL-Wide Senior Game at SLBC

Monday, March 4 (daytime) 

Masterpoints: 80% sectional rated black
Hand records and analyses
Open to any player 55 years of age as of the day of the event. 



Kudos to Rod Van Wyk and Arbha Vongsvivut

who had a 76.49% game

at the 8-table game in Edwardsville, IL. Feb. 2013


Spring 2013 199er Tournament

10 AM Session  35 tables

Complete Results, Morning Event

Overall Winners

1st in A & B

Patricia Koncki & Judy Snider

1st in C

Ann Irving & Amy Galvin


3 PM Session  23 tables

Complete Results, Afternoon Event

Overall Winners

1st in A

Karl Lovegreen & Dale Burian

1st in B & C

William Herman & Jane Herman


It's Official... Congratulations to Roger Lord,Grand Life Master

Roger won 18+ points at the January Sectional to put him over

the 10,000 MP mark - enough points to become a Grand Life Master.

Roger previously had won a national title in 1992 when he partnered

with Alan Popkin in the Silver Ribbon Senior Pairs.

Winter STaC Week Silver Tournament at Clubs

Feb. 4-10, 2013

3 24.01 Arbha Vongsvivut, Godfrey IL
4 23.47 En Xie, Saint Louis MO
5 22.28 Tom Oppenheimer, Ballwin MO
6 20.04 Susan Perez, Maryland Hts MO

District 8 top winners for the week

Daily STaC Results

St. Louis Winter Sectional 

Thanks for playing; our tournament was a great success because of you!


Rod Beery, Grand Life Master


Tom Oppenheimer, Ed Schultz Unit Champion 2012

Newest Life Masters, Judy Pass & Mike Arnheim

Results and pictures of winners

Lost & Found: pair of sunglasses; claim




Donna Coker, honoree

Unit 143 Recognizes Donna Coker's many


Contributions to St. Louis Bridge community

at our St. Louis Winter Sectional


Fall 199er Tournament

Complete results 10AM

Complete results 3 PM


Thanks to all who played and helped make it a success!! 

We had an all-time record turnout of 61 tables in the 2 games.


IL Senior Olympics Duplicate Bridge Event

September 12 results


New Board Members/Terms

Mary Dolan (In-Metro) 1st term
Jeff Kopolow (In-Metro) 2nd term
Jennifer Luner (In-Metro) 3rd term
Peggy Wald (In-Metro)2nd term


3rd Annual Pro-Am Charity Game

Raises $5k for Back Stoppers

Sunday, August 26 - 23 tables

Overall Winners

1 - John Samsel - Alan Lemley


2 - Judy Eaton - Bill Eaton

3 - Dorothy Santner & Steve Brauss

4 - Phillip Alder & Ted Baldwin

5 - Becky Hubert & Alan Popkin

6 - Rod Van Wyk - Edward Wang

Thanks to all who played!



St. Louis Gateway to the West Regional

Thank YOU Unit 143 Members!!!


1610 tables

a huge increase in attendance


10,423.55 earned by 902 players


Unit Members in the Top 25 MP Winners

#5 97.11 Kenneth Bland

#6 96.81 Rod Beery

#7 95.03 Tom Oppenheimer

#8 94.21 Jack Bryant

#13 86.02 Tom Kniest

#23 68.56 Milt Zlatic

#25(tie) 61.41 Marvin Shapiro

and Tony Astrologes



Kudos to the Flight AX Winners in yesterdays Swiss Team event!

Sandy Becker, Dennis Spencer, Judy Putzel, and Norman Goldman


Rod Van Wyk Now Platinum LM

Rod Van Wyk celebrated achieving his Platinum LM status at a party held in his honor at the Friday night game in Edwardsville.  Kudos to Hot Rod!



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Summer NABC

Philadelphia, PA

Tom Kniest wins 3rd National Event!

Fast Pairs Winners

A strong 2nd session in the final of the NABC+ Fast Pairs propelled longtime friends Ed Schulte and Tom Kniest into the winner’s circle of the two-day contest. The duo paired a 60.22% game in the first final session with a 65.77% in the second to win the contest by less than half a board.

Tom previously has won two Mixed Pairs events with Karen Walker.

Daily Bulletin & Results

suit symbols divider

Unit 143 Award First-Ever Scholarships

to Youth Bridge Camp to Brandon and Rieley Fitzgerald. 

Read the full story...

suit symbols divider

B & C Teams bring home Victories

in MO Bragging Rights

Flight B 750-2000



Roseanne Stice, Veena Uberoi, Jay Shah, & Phyllis Siegel,

Flight C 0-750

Dennis Abeln & Kevin Clarkin, Steve Russell & Mark Prosser

Flight A Open won by KC team of Fred Dischman - Bill Muir - Fred Lambert, Kansas City MO; William Karnaze Jr, Lees Summit MO


District 8 Grand National Teams

Congratulations to

Rod Beery, Tom Kniest, Tom Oppenheimer &

Nancy & Alan Popkin who won the Open Flight.

Flight A

1 - Mike Halvorsen, Champaign IL - Richard Blumenthal, Lake in the Hills IL - Ned Horton, Champaign IL - Hugh Williams, Carbondale IL

2 - Steve Brauss - Dennis Spencer - Lee Hastings - Mark Ehret, St. Louis

Flight B

1 - Rich Pestien - Mary Allen - Pat Moss - Charles Young, Peoria IL

2 - Zach Freehill - Randall Motchan - Eunice Patton, Bloomington, IL; Steve Wulfers - Normal IL

Flight C

1 - Becky Groeninger - Shirley Coville - William Wold - Barbara Gossrow, Springfield IL

2 - Meg O'Leary - John Benda - Decatur IL - Marilyn Winter, Mt. Zion, IL - Michael Heneghan - Forsyth IL


Lin Leinicke and Bob Bainter won Compact KO Bracket 1 on Tuesday & 2-session Swiss on Wed. in Hot Springs AR!  Kudos!!!

St. Louis KOs  April 14, 2012  

Results  Pictures

These teams will represent Saint Louis vs. KC in the Bragging Rights at the Columbia, MO Sectional on June 9.

Spring 2012 NABC                           



Winter STaC Week - February 6-12, 2012 RESULTS

District 8 Overalls

Local Club Game Results

Masterpoint List

Alan Popkin is the 2011 Ed Schultz Unit Champion winning the most player of the year points.

year-end finish to Unit race

Tom Kniest - First Grand Life Master from Unit 143

read the details...

Unit Board Set for 2011-2012

President - Steve Zenk

Vice President - Debbie Romero

Secretary - Linda Seibert

Treasurer - Jeff Kopolow

Additional Unit Duties of Board Members:

Steve - Tournament partnerships, Unit Representative to District 8

Debbie -Tournament Publicity, Nominations, Unit Representative to District 8

Linda - Regional Tournament Registration

Scott Davis - Date Book, Club Liaison, STaC for District 8

Ed Hale - Education, Grand National Teams, North American Pairs

Lee Hastings - 199er Tourneys, St. Louis KOs (or new named event), & Parliamentarian

George Hawley - Tournament Caddies, Education, &

Chair, Discipline Committee

Jennifer Luner - Webmaster, Design Team

Jo Ann Moore - Membership, 199er tournaments, Education

Jay Shah - Tournament Bid Boxes & clocks, 199er Tournaments

Helene  Siegfried - Unit Policy & Procedures, Web Design Team

Peggy Wald - Tournament Awards

Unit Duties of Non-Board Members:

Jack Bryant - Corresponding Secretary and Business

Mike Carmen - Tournament Chair

Carl Clyne - Tournament Photography & Regional Tournament Registration

Sheryl Finkenstadt - District 8 Advocate &
Web Design Team

Sandy Becker, & Carol Hamilton -Discipline Committee

Rich Haacke - Unit Auditor

George Hawley, Suzi Shymanski-Moore -Tournament Hospitality

Milt Zlatic - Web Design Team & Unit Recorder

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2011-2012 Datebook now available on the website

All of the information published in the current Datebook & Club Directory is now uploaded.  You may access it from the left-hand menu bar under News/Member Services: Calendar Datebook.



You may wish to correct the following errors in your personal copy of the Unit Date Book & Club Directory.

  • page 9: March 9-11 Elgin, IL Sectional
  • page 9: March 15-25 NABC Spring Nationals
  • page 12: Passover begins April 7
  • page 25: October 31-November 6 District 8 STaC Week
  • New input since publication: October 10-11, 2012 Okawville, IL Sectional

Apologies from the Editor for any inconvenience this may cause you.


General News:  

2011 District 8 Grand National Teams

St. Louis Teams win 3 of 4 flights!

Congratulations to Nancy and Alan Popkin, Milt Zlatic, and Rod Beery who won the Open Flight. 

Congratulations to Susan Perez, John Samsel, Michael Pitonak and Judy Eaton (Edwardsville) who won the Flight A.

Congratulations to Amy Stabenow and Steve Reiss of St. Louis and Sandra and Marvin Meinz of Chesterfield who won Flight C.

A team of five from Peoria, IL won flight B:  Charles Young, Patrick Moos, Richard Pestien, Fei Dong, and Mary Allen.

Each team wins a stipend toward their trips to the Toronto Nationals in July and will represent District 8 in the GNT competition.

We will link to full results when  the are posted on the District 8 website.


a great success despite the snow!

40.5 tables morning session; 9.5 tables evening session

Morning Session Winners

Evening Session Winners


We appreciated the hard work of the volunteers, Jackie Baker, Bill Bunn, and Carl Clyne as well as the directors, Donna Coker and Mark Ehret who made the tournament run smoothly.  A special thanks to Sandy Springer for her wonderful catering. 

Jane Ettelson and Lee Hastings




Bob Janis Unit 143 Board Treasurer and long-time board member passed away Friday night, February 18.  Bob’s calm approach with the board and trustworthy dedication to his role of treasurer will be sorely missed. Our deepest sympathies and prayers for Shirley and the family.

The family requests no flowers, but memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.



Winter 2011 STaC Week

2/4/11- 2/10/11

  • St. Charles January 2011 Sectional

Results posted.  Photos posted.

  • Nancy & Alan Popkin win the 2010 Ed Schultz Unit Championship Award

They earned 170.35 MPs in Unit 143 tournament and unit championship events to win the Ed Schultz Unit Champion Award for 2010.

Alan and Nancy Popkin

  • St Charles October 2010 Sectional

Results & photos

  Results & Bulletins    

70%+ Scores at Club Games

Click here to see who's having big games.   

Thanks to Milt Zlatic's brilliant programming,

all 70%+ games are automatically posted! 

Now, there's no need to notify us.

  • Unusual phenomena at Ft. Wayne Regional

There were 3 new Life Masters from one team at this tournament over 3 days of team events. Team consisted (from left to right in the attached picture) of Jay Shah (Bronze LM) and Jo-Ellyn Ryall of St. Louis, Orvin Lindell of Lafayette, IN and Dale Kenrich of West Lafayette, IN.

Pro-Am at Bridge Haven raised $3500 for Backstoppers. Kudos to Chuck Ettelson and pro Carol Schaffer, first overall!
See all results.
  • Bragging rights KO, July 10, 2010
30 teams competed.  See results and photos.

209 students, 5 days a week for 1 month!

pictures and more

  • 199er Championships, 3-27-10
63 tables!  See the results and winners.
  • January Sectional, Jan 15-17, 2010
Tom Oppenheimer presented with Ed Schulz Unit Championship Award.
Formerly the Player of the Year (POTY) award, this was renamed in memory of Ed Schultz.

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(starting about June 1)

In case you're curious, for much older material, click here or click here (I/N)

In Memory of Unit Members who have died... read more.

  • 199er Championships, 9-26-09

Morning Results.

Afternoon Results.

See Photos of Winners

  The 199'er was a huge success with a total of 55.5 tables ( 36.5 in the AM and 19 in the PM).  This is a record for both the sessions. This was an increase of 6 tables from our  previous record  set at the last tournament in March 2009 (49.5). First Overall in the Morning Event, Flt A: Becky Hubert - John Hubert, Flt B: Arthur Preedy - Randall Johnson , Flt C: Robert Griffin - Wallace Burton. First Overall in the Afternoon Event, Flt A, B, & C: Kevin Clarkin - Dennis Abeln.
  • Website success
  Unit 143 website passes 1.5 million "hits" since its beginning in 2005. 
  • Nationwide Instant Matchpoint Game

Kudos to Marilyn & George Bogacki who won the NATIONWIDE Instant Matchpoint Game with a 62% game

at Lake St. Louis.

  • August 2009 Regional a great success.

Click here for



Total masterpoints: 10991.11 earned by 881 players

Total attendance: 15632.2 tables.    That is up 145.5 tables from last year.  More importantly we were up 213 tables from 2007. 

Dear Unit 143 Members,

I would like to thank you all for helping us have such an outstanding regional! Even with the poor state of the economy, we ended up about 158 tables ahead this year over last year. We would never have been in this good position without your great attendance and support.

Thanks go to everyone who worked the tournament, the board members, the players, the directors, and of course, to Mike Carmen, our Tournament Director. Special thanks go to Carl Clyne who did an outstanding job with pictures and to Jennifer Luner who made the Daily Bulletin more than just a place to print scoring results. Never before have we had so many happy players.

Hope to see you all In October at our Fall Sectional. In the meantime, wishing you health, wealth, and happiness!

Suzi Shymanski Moore

President Unit 143


  • NEW Game, directed by Janet Vontz, on Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. at Bridge Haven, beginning on September 19
  Janet will stratify the game based on the players who attend.  She will collect masterpoint totals from each player and stratify the game based on that information so it is roughly 1:1:1.  It will probably change slightly each week.
  • Five positions on the Unit Board of Directors will become available November 1, 2009 -- four from the Greater St. Louis Metro area ONLY & one for an Out-Metro Director ONLY

Carl Clyne, Jennifer Luner, Suzi Shymanski-Moore, & Steve Zenk all have elected to run for another term on the Board as in-Metro directors, and will be re-elected without a formal vote, because no further nomination were received by petition.    The deadline for a petition was 60 days before the Annual Membership Meeting at the Fall sectional.  See Bylaws.  The Out-Metro directorship will be shy one member due to lack of candidates.  If you qualify and are willing to serve, please make contact with a Board of Directors member.

  Questions remain anonymous when published (this could allow you to discuss an issue sensitive to your favorite partnership!). The next deadline for questions is August 25, after the Regional. Share your best hand questions from the Regional.  Click here to E-mail ATE moderator with your questions.

In this issue:
Solvers Forum bidding problems -- Tom Dodd, moderator
Interview with Chip & Jan Martel
ACBL Director's Report by Georgia Heth
Youth Bridge Camp
Regional & Sectional Ads

Unit News

  • ABA/ACBL Unity game

The ABA/ACBL Unity Game on June 29, 2009 drew 28 tables. Held at Olivette Community Center, players kept coming and coming – and eventually overflowed to two rooms. Using computer-generated hands and thus having handout records available, director Mark Ehret handled the overflow with aplomb.  ABA local unit President, Cheryl Ward, and Jennifer Luner coordinated the event.

  • ACBL Bulletin (July issue) features local players:

Roger Lord, page 18

Marie Sander, the "Hat Lady", page 45.


Flt A: Rod Van Wyk, Arbha Vongsvivut, Mark Ehret, & Lee Hastings

Flt B: Matt Diehl, Ron Diehl, Andrew Carver, & Sasanka Ramanadham

Flt C: Dennis Balfe, Mark Jackson, Edward Schmidt, & Martha Smith

Flt 199er: Mike Mitra, Bill Maack, Dave Fricke, Ralph Britton

  • Worldwide Bridge Contest, sponsored by World Bridge Federation.

On June  5, 2009, Sue Perez & Tom O'Reilly-Pol placed 17th in the world, 1st in District 8.





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