2009 District 8 GNT Results


3 Tables
36.00 1 Alan Popkin, St Louis MO; Nancy Popkin - Milton
Zlatic, Saint Louis MO; Tom Oppenheimer, Ballwin MO

Flight A
5 Tables
30.00 1 Georgia Heth, Morton IL; Madhu Viswanathan -
Michael Halvorsen, Champaign IL; Richard
Blumenthal, Crystal Lake IL
22.50 2 Linda Leinicke - Dennis Spencer, Saint Louis MO;
Marvin King, Creve Coeur MO; Arbha Vongsvivut, Godfrey IL

Fight B

17 Tables
26.00 1 Mark Boswell, Chesterfield MO; Thomas
O'Reilly-Pol, St Louis MO; Debra Romero,
Clarkson Valley MO; Sandy Bigg, Saint Louis MO
19.50 2 Charles Young - Rich Pestien - Patrick Moos - Fei
Dong, Peoria IL
13.00 3/4 Ronald Peterson - Virginia Peterson, Plymouth IN;
Donna Simon - Daniel Simon, South Bend IN
13.00 3/4 Doug McQuaid, Lebanon IL; Ray Sigler, Trenton IL;
Carol Warner, Fairview Hgts IL; Terryl Francis, Glen Carbon IL

Flight C
5 Tables
15.00 1 Bill Bulfer, East Peoria IL; Richard Spengler,
Peoria IL; Ronald Greek - Judith Greek, Galesburg IL
11.25 2 Linda Wilkening - Stevie Holcomb - Rhonda
Berberet - Christopher Romaine, Springfield IL; Jane Byram, Chatham IL

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