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KC takes 4 out of 5 in 2005!

Greater St. Louis


Greater Kansas City


KC takes

4 out of 5!

Flight A -         Kansas City  (picture)

Flight AX -       Kansas City  (picture)

Flight B -         Kansas City  (picture)

Flight C -         St. Louis       (picture)

Flight Novice - Kansas City



The St. Louis and KC matches were held at the St. Louis Regional just completed in August 2005.

The 2-session event featured the top five teams from St. Louis Units 143 & 223 and Kansas City’s Units 131 & 234.

2005 Teams

A 4-session St. Louis Knockout Event was held the last weekend in June. The winning St. Louis teams from each flight represented Unit 143 & 223 in the Missouri Bragging Rights Matches.

St. Louis Teams:

Flight A (unlimited MP):

Alan & Nancy Popkin, Tom Oppenheimer &

Milt Zlatic

Flight AX (0-3000):

Suzi Shymanski-Moore, Doug Moore, Mary Hruby, &Bob Bainter

Flight B (0-1500):

Jason Clevenger, Sasanka Ramanadham,

Matt Diehl, & Andrew Carver

Flight C (0-500 LM ok): winners

Jane & Chuck Ettelson, Gene Fluri, & Gale McMullin

Flight Novice (0-99):

Bob Pedrotti, Beverly Dixon, Julia Torres, &

Jay Shah

KC Teams:

Flight A (unlimited MP): winners

Don Stack, Jim Russell, Jack & Nancy Spear

Flit AX (0-3000): winners

Curt Soloff, Stephen Stewart, Paul Theroff, & Connie Leonard

Flight B (0-1500):  winners

Karur Parthasarathy, (Partha) Vince Russo, Prasad Krishna-Moorthy, & Suresh Sane

Flight C (0-500 LM ok): 

Harvey Parker, Dorothy Kelling, S. Ernzen, & Mary Mertz

Flight Novice (0-99): winners

Kathy & Erick Rolfe, Eleanor Cutler, &

Susan Harris

More Information

Jennifer Luner 314-727-4123
Alan Popkin 314-863-7955


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