MO Braggin' Rights

2007 Winners

Flight B

Braggin' Rights Flight B - 2 Tables / Based on 11 Tables

MPs Rank Names
16.29 1 David Braverman, Overland Park KS; David Weiler, Blue Springs MO; Allen Rew, Independence MO; Keith Smith, Lees Summit MO
12.22 2 Jason Clevenger - Sasanka Ramanadham, Saint Louis MO; Matthew Diehl, Ballwin MO; Ronald Diehl, Effingham IL; Andrew Carver - Vernon Carver, Edwardsville IL

Flight C

Braggin' Rights Flight C - 2 Tables / Based on 8 Tables

MPs Rank Names
11.70 1 Rajeev Bansal - Mary Mertz, Overland Park KS; Gordon Dunlap, Prairie Village KS; Kathy Rolfe, Lake Winnebago MO
8.78 2 Debra Romero, Clarkson Valley MO; John Antognoli, Clayton MO; Thomas O'Reilly-Pol, St Louis MO; Jonathan Goldberg, Saint Louis MO



Saturday & Sunday, July 7-8, 2007

Flight A Winners

Milt Zlatic, Tom Oppenheimer, Nancy and Alan Popkin

Flight A runners-up:  Jack Bryant, Denny O'Connor, Roger Lord & Jacqueline Sincoff

Flight A Semi-Finalists: 2 teams

Glenn Smith, Norman Athy Ed Schultz, & Rich Haacke

Mark Ehret, Lee Hastings, Ralph Behrens, & Rod Van Wyk

Flight B Winners

Sasanka Ramanadham, Jason Clevenger, Andrew Carver Matt Diehl, & Ron Diehl

sorry, no photo

Flight B runners-up:  George Hawley, Mark Ludwig, Bob Wheeler, Steve Zenk


Flight C Winners

Debbie Romero, John Antognoli, Thomas O'Reilly-Pol, Jon Goldberg

Flight C runner-ups:  Arthur Stepp, Alan Lemley, Suzanne Martin & Ray Dobinski


Novice Flight Winners

sorry, no photo

Janet Woodley, Karen Engle, Janice Glenn & Joan Tobin

Novice Flight runners-up: Mary Macchesney, Mark, Brightfield, Doris Fairgrieve, & Gretchen Smith

Garden Villas West
13590 S. Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield 63017 (314-434-2520)

Emergency Phone during play: 314-323-3263

ACBL Sectionally Rated Tournament Awards Silver Points

Play only against those in your flight!

(NOTE: New Flights)

Flight A: Unlimited

Flight B: 0 - 2,000

Flight C: 0 - 750  (LM OK)

Novice Flight: 0 - 200

Complete Conditions of Contest

The winning teams will play in the Bragging Rights Matches vs. KC at the St. Louis August Regional on Saturday, 8/18/07, at 1 & 7:30 pm.  Only one team member may be replaced in an emergency.

Pizza & Salad will be served between sessions on Saturday (about 2 pm)

Donuts & Bagels Sunday morning!
Free Snacks/Coffee/Soda on both days

Questions? Contact Jennifer Luner (314-469-8668 or
Sasanka Ramanadham (314-965-6410 or



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