MO Braggin' Rights

2010 Results

Flight B

Braggin' Rights Flight B - 2 Tables

MPs Rank Names
16.00 1 Sasanka Ramanadham, Birmingham AL; Mark Gilje, Saint Louis MO; Andrew Carver, Edwardsville IL; Ronald Diehl, Effingham IL
12.00 2 Gregory Barnes - Steven Erickson, Jefferson City MO; Mark De Garcia - Richard Troth, Columbia MO

Flight C

Braggin' Rights Flight C - 2 Tables

MPs Rank Names
12.00 1 Mary Mertz - Rajeev Bansal, Overland Park KS; Roy Coplen, Jefferson City MO; Michael Hughes, Jefferson Cty MO
9.00 2 Judith Renken, Ballwin MO; Carol Jablonow - Dianne Glick, Saint Louis MO; Doris Schwartz, Chesterfield MO

Flight A

Braggin' Rights Flight A - 2 Tables

MPs Rank Names
20.00 1 Lee Magee, Prairie Village KS; Donald Stack, Overland Park KS; Linda Eakes, Leawood KS; Stephen Stewart, Shawnee Msn KS; Paul Pressly, Olathe KS
15.00 2 Mark Ehret, Saint Louis MO; Lee Hastings, St Louis MO; Rod Van Wyk, Alton IL; Arbha Vongsvivut, Godfrey IL


2010 St. Louis Knockouts

Thanks for a wonderful turnout again this year!

Thirty teams chose to compete for the honor of playing in the Bragging Rights KO against Kansas City.


Kudos to the winners

who will represent St. Louis vs. KC in the MO Bragging Rights

on Saturday, August 14 at the Regional.

Flight A Winners

Rod Van Wyk, Mark Ehret,

Lee Hastings, & Arbha Vongsvivut


Flight A Runners Up

John Samsel, Sue Perez,

Mark Boswell, & Thomas O'Reilly Pol


Flight B Winners

Andrew Carver, Matt Diehl,

Sasanka Ramanadham, & Ron Diehl

Flight B Runners Up

George Marvin, Beryl Shapiro,

Marie Sander, & George Jones


Flight C Winners

Judy Renken, Doris Schwartz,

Carol Jablonow,& Dianne Glick


Flight C Runners Up

Julie Woods, Chuck Ettelson,

Jim Nunn, & Kay Cohen


199er Flight Winners

Beth Meteer, Mopsi Hanley,

Sandi Meinz, & Marv Meinz


199er Flight Runners Up

Pat Corich, Hope Wood,

Mary Lois Gavin, & Jerry Hoog

Fast Pairs Event

Saturday Afternoon

1st Place   Michael Mitra - David Fricke

2nd Place  Josh Rich - F. Eric Thompson

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