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World Wide Simultaneous Pairs

Bridge Contest


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Friday evening, July 7


Saturday afternoon July 8




Masterpoints: 50/50 red and black at sectional rating

Hand records and analyses

Top ACBL winners recognized on web site and the Bridge Bulletin.

It’s the event played around the world! Join us for the Worldwide Bridge Contest sponsored by the World Bridge Federation. This international competition is scored across the world using the Internet to give an overall winner. The Friday and Saturday games are separate events.

Each participant receives a souvenir booklet containing Eric Kokish’s excellent commentary. The WBF will award prizes based on world matchpointing. The two top district winners by percentage receive bonus awards. Additional recognition comes from the WBF.

Click here to learn more at the Worldwide Bridge Contest web site.

A unique annual competition played simultaneously in clubs all over the world. A set of pre-dealt hands is forwarded to participating clubs and played at a normal duplicate. The scores are then sent to the WBF's central computer which produces world wide results and classification. Tens of thousands of players take part without having to move from their home place. The event has been described as the world's biggest sports competition.

Do join us for this event, which is enormously good fun, with a great commentary, and which gives you the chance to compete against other pairs from all over the world - a rare opportunity indeed. Because it is scored using the ECatsBridge system, you get masses of information showing you exactly how you fared on the night. You can watch as clubs upload from all around the world, and get the "buzz" of excitement as the scores change.

Please click here to find out how your club can enter and click here to see why running a heat is so easy!


Click the links below to get the results, commentaries from the past events :



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