St. Charles Sectional

  May 2016

New Life Master and Winners of 2015 Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs Award 

L to R:  Hope Wood (New Life Master), John Levis (100-200), Ann Lemp (200-300), Debra Romero (2500-5000), Ralph Behrens (5000-7500), En Xie (Over 10,000)
Missing from Picture:  William Thompson (0-5), John Hagedorn (5-20), Robert Gardner (20-50)
Thomas Hanewinkel (50-100), George Markus (300-500), Doris Schwartz (500-1000), Randy Baker (1000-2500), Milt Zlatic (7500-10,000)

Winners of 2015 Mini-McKenney

L to R:  Estella Lau (100-200), Mike Kelly (300-500), Delaine Boyd (200-300), Sue Perez (5000 - 7500), Jack Bryant (Over 10,000), Mark Boswell (2500-5000), Clay Cuthbertson (1000-2500)
Missing from Picture:  William Thompson (0-5), John Hagedorn (5-20), Mary Kernan (20-50), Thomas Hanewinkel (50-100), Doris Schwartz (500-1000), Milt Zlatic (7500-10,000)

Friday Afternoon Collage

Friday Evening Collage

Friday Afternoon 199er Pairs




1st in A and B
Pat Clark and
Vickie Stringer




1st in C
Dan and Joanie Ziskind
Friday Afternoon Bobby Riggs Open Pairs











1st in A




Tod Moses and
Norm Athy




1st in B
Roseann Stice and Phyllis Siegel


Friday Evening Swiss







1st in A


Kathleen Safranski, Roger Lord, Mike Carmen, Jacqueline Sincoff



1st in C
Doug Larson, Kevin Clarkin, Dennis Abeln, Steve Russell
Saturday Morning Collage

Saturday Afternoon 199er Pairs



1st Overall
Zack and Karen Bettis




Section Top in A


Debb Keniley and Pat Clark


Section Top in A

Kathy and John Hagedorn





Section Top in B





Mary Joan Woods and
Maureen Curran
Saturday Open












1st in A




Tod Moses and
Nate Ward
Saturday Aft Side Game







Section Top in A



Mike Giacaman and
Mic Weiss









Section Top in C



Jeanne Redington and
JoEllyn Ryall

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