Unit 143 Board Meeting Minutes
Wed., July 9, 2003

A meeting of the Unit 143 Board was held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at the Olivette Community Center. In attendance were Board members Cheryl Davis, Mary Hruby, Bob Janis, Don Kerry, Jennifer Luner, Doug Moore, Tom Oppenheimer, Linda Powers, John Samsel, and Patti Shine, with Rod Van Wyk presiding. Also present were Mike Carmen, Tournament Chair; and Bill Kauffman and Milt Zlatic, website committee members.

The June Minutes were amended to add the phrase “not to exceed $300” after the word “mailing” under IV.B. The minutes were approved as amended.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report (distributed by Rod)
The Missouri Secretary of State Annual Corporation Report was completed.
Sanction numbers for 2003 Unit games are available. Club owners should contact Jack.

Treasurer’s Report
We show a loss of more than $8,000 to date which we hope to make up at the Regional.
A $15 registration fee was paid to the state for the corporation.

III. Tournaments
October Sectional—A motion was passed to continue the same schedule as in previous sectionals. Mike will present the budget to the Board in September.
St. Charles contract—Mike received notice that Blanchard Park is raising the rates from $800/day to $880 and that we need a St. Charles resident’s name on the contract. Bob Janis volunteered.
Attendance--Mike reported that room reservations are way down. Mike will have the hotel doublecheck their process and he will check with the Pros about coming. He predicts we will need the same number of caddies as before.
Charity Games—The first is ACBL’s national charity (hospice); the second we must choose. A motion was passed to designate this year’s local charity as St. Louis Outreach.
Vendor Question: George Marvin would like to offer chair massages. The board approved his setup in the hall with the bookseller, etc.
Jennifer reported that the KC Challenge Qualifier was held. Attendance was especially high for the B team competition and several teams from neighboring units participated. The room will hold 24 tables; Jennifer and Don will check out OCC as a possible site for next year. We had no written contract from the Legion so there were problems but it appears the unit will net $150. Jennifer will be out of town for the event but will handle all signage.
NAOP—Jennifer distributed a schedule of qualifying games offered by the various directors. There are many more opportunities to qualify this year.

Old Business
New Website—Jennifer made a presentation on website bids and answered questions. She suggested three motions: 1) $3,000 for Phase I, $1,000 for Phase II, monthly web hosting fee; 2) online advertising; and 3) Webmaster job description and authority. Motion 1 was approved. Motion 2 was tabled until we find out whether advertising would affect our non-profit status. Motion 3 to give the webmaster the authority and accountability to make day-to-day decisions on the website regarding data but not expenses was approved. Jennifer will flesh out the job description.
Newcomer Game— Linda reported that director Donna Coker is getting great response on the new Thursday day game, both in attendance and in new members joining ACBL. She may need a larger room.

Nominating Committee
Doug reported that Linda Powers, Patti Shine and Mic Weiss will go off the Board.
Sandy Becker and Bill Kauffman have been asked and accepted. We need suggestions for a third person.
Others who wish to run need a petition with 25 signatures of unit members which must be submitted 60 days before the Annual Meeting.

New Business
Doug made a motion to raise the caddy fee to $21/session. It was passed.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryl Davis


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