Unit 143 Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

A meeting of the Unit 143 Board was held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 12, 2003 at the Olivette Community Center.

In attendance were Board members Sandy Becker, Cheryl Davis, Mary Hruby, Bob Janis, Bill Kauffman, Don Kerry, Jennifer Luner, Doug Moore, Tom Oppenheimer, John Samsel, and Suzi Shymanski-Moore, with Rod Van Wyk presiding.

The October Minutes were approved as written.

Election of Officers

•  Rod Van Wyk was reelected President.

•  Mary Hruby was elected Vice President.

•  Tom Oppenheimer was elected Treasurer.

It was decided to continue the split of Corresponding and Recording Secretary between Cheryl Davis (elected) and Jack Bryant (paid).

Corresponding Secretary's Report (distributed by Rod)

An updated ACBL membership diskette was received, current as of Oct. 1. An Excel file was extracted for Cheryl to be used in the preparing the new Unit 143 Directory.

The Player of the Year standings have been updated. Nancy Popkin is the 2003 winner.

Treasurer's Report (Tom Oppenheimer)

  1. Tom reviewed the P & L which shows a loss of $1,507 to date. He explained that the Unit normally runs a loss throughout the year which is made up by the Regional.
  2. He reviewed the General Ledger page. The deposit of $8,826 is a CD moved to First Bank. He explained that Jack Bryant is the only paid officer at $200/month.
  3. He reviewed the Balance Sheet which indicates the Unit's net worth has dropped $6,000 over the past year.
  4. The budget still requires some amendments: need to include Unit subsidy of rent for Thursday I/N game; still due checks from K.C. for Braggin' Rights and from ACBL for logo use on Datebook; District 8 meetings should total $900. There were questions about D & O insurance. The budget was tentatively approved with projected changes.
  5. Tom is still working with Rich Haacke on a date for an audit.


•  Fall Sectional: John reported for Mike that the Unit is estimated to have lost $800.

•  Mike has asked that we review the schedules for the January Sectional and the Regional. There was a discussion about polling the Pros for preferences. Jennifer reported that Ed Schultz and Beth Fay have volunteered to help with contacts.

•  199er tournament: Mary reported that 52 pairs are booked for the 11 a.m. session with an additional waiting list. She has permission to use the dance floor for table set-up.

•  NAOP: Jennifer reported that 42 pairs sent in RSVPs. St. Louis did very well with 3 (A) teams placing, 1 (B) team and one (C) team. See the website for details.


•  2003-04 Committee Assignments: Suzi will take Hospitality for the Sectional. Patti Shine will continue teaching in the schools with Sandy Becker as the Education Liaison. Mary and Doug will head up the 199er tournaments. Jennifer and Bill will do the website. Sandy will chair NAOP.

•  Directory: Cheryl asked for some guidance on the sale of ads for the Directory. Jennifer will search her records for the previous charges. It was suggested that Cheryl distribute ad forms at the various club games.

New Business

•  A motion not to subsidize the February STAC games passed.

•  Player of the Year points are figured for winners at Unit-sponsored events. A motion to change the POTY scoring beginning June 2004 to include 10 for the KC Qualifier and 5 more for winning at the Regional, with none for losing, passed.

•  The Board discussed a mentoring program.

•  There was a question about the number of directors required at a Sectional, their qualifications, and how to lodge a complaint. Rod suggested a letter to Rick Beye at ACBL.

•  There were complaints about the condition of the women's restroom at St. Charles.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.

                  Respectfully Submitted,

                    Cheryl Davis                   


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