FEBRUARY 8, 2005

Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm.  In attendance, Sandy Becker, Mary Hruby, Bob Janis, Bill Kauffman. Tom Oppenheimer,  Donna Pedrotti, Sasanka Ramanadham, Don Weber, Bob Wheeler.  Presiding was Jennifer Luner.  Absent, Suzi Moore and John Samsel.

Motion to approve January minutes by Donna Pedrotti.  Second by Sandy Becker.  Approved.

Secretary's Report submitted to Jennifer Luner by Jack Bryant.  Reviewed, discussed and approved. 

Treasurers' Report submitted by Tom Oppenheimer.  A check was issued to UNICEF in the amount of  $1262 for Tsunami relief. . ($762 in donations and $500 Unit 143) Donations were made at the January Sectional with Unit 143 matching donated funds with a max of $500.00. 

 Discussion regarding the change of fiscal year for Unit 143.  It was generally decided that it was more trouble than it was worth.  Bob Janis made a motion to discontinue all discussions.  Second by Sasanka Ramanadham.  All approved.

Mike Carmen reported on January Sectional.  Loss of $2111.  Appears we were down for Sunday Swiss (Rams football game and bad weather) however, KO's were up several teams on Saturday.

Discussed the purchase of new signs (Awards, Partnership, and Photos) before the August Regional.  Mary Hruby to check on availability and cost.  Report to be made in March.

Mary Hruby reported everything was going on schedule for 199er tournament in March.

NAOP  by Sandy Becker - no report - will not ask again.

Awards by Donna Pedrotti - All done - ready for 199'ers.

Education by Don Weber -Talked to Donna Compton via e-mail and requested date of May 15 for seminar for Club Owners and Unit 143 Members.  Has not had a reply.  Don will follow up and report in March. Board members to pencil in May 15 date.

Mentoring program by Sandy Becker.  Novice turnout is great, but we need more Mentors. 

Request to be made at clubs for volunteers. Sandy also to check with two out-state bridge players who would like to be mentored via OKBridge.

Membership by Bob Janis.  December 31, 2004 report showed Unit 143 membership at 949.  Bob also received Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKinney reports listing winners for 2004. Jack has medallions; Jennifer will present them at May Sectional.

Website by Bill Kauffman.  No actual report, but there was a discussion on how to get more members to check game results on the website.   It was suggested perhaps a flyer with instructions on how to view the results.  Bill to get Sectional photos from Sue Rechter for website

 Old Business - "Fun Night of Championship Bridge" to be tabled until March meeting.

New Business - Jennifer reported she had received a request from 25 bridge players in Phelps county requesting a change in membership status from Unit 101 District 15 to Unit 143 District 8.  All paperwork had been properly completed.   Motion was made by Sasanka Ramanadham, second by Bob Janis to welcome them to our Unit.  All approved.

Jennifer to send a letter to ACBL stating our approval.

No further business a motion was made by Don Weber to adjourn, second by Sasanka Ramanadham.  All approved.


Submitted by - Mary Hruby

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