Unit 143 Board Meeting

June 7 , 2006

(approved July 12, 2006)

Vice-President Mary Hruby called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Present were Donna Pedrotti, Don Weber, Ed Hale, Sheryl Finkenstadt, Sandy Becker, Bob Janis, Mary Hruby, Bob Wheeler, Mark Ludwig, and Mike Carmen. Absent were Suzi Shymanski-Moore, Sasanka Ramanadham, John Samsel, and Jennifer Luner.

May Minutes

Motion by Sandy Becker, second by Donna Pedrotti to approve Rev 1 of the Minutes of the May meeting. Approved.

The Corresponding Secretary's Report had not been received.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's Report was presented by Bob Janis. Bob reported that we expect a net profit of about $750 from the May Sectional. It has not been necessary to cash a CD yet despite losses of $6,207 to date.


•  May Sectional

Table count was up by 23.5 and revenue was up by $2,174.

•  Discounts

It has been our practice to offer students (full time, age 25 or under) a discount of $2 or $3 for each session. This only resulted in a $50 discount at the latest Sectional. Motion by Sheryl Finkenstadt, second by Donna Pedrotti to offer a 50% discount and to better publicize it. Approved.

Sheryl Finkenstadt suggested that we offer a discount of 50% for one event to people who did not attend the previous tournament. No action was taken on this proposal.

•  National

Glen Smith has prepared and sent out packages to potential sponsors. Suggestions are requested on firms to contact.

•  Knockouts

The sanction has been received and all is on schedule. Donna Cocker will direct. However, there are too many flights for a flighted event and this must be rectified for 2007. Only three flights are permitted.

Standing Committees

•  Membership

There was a net gain of 1 member in May.

•  Mentoring

The Pro/Am is next Wednesday. The attendance looks great and two sections will be required.

•  Website

Sheryl Finkenstadt distributed a handout. Results from the May Sectional were not uploaded to the web. Sheryl got the winners from the ACBL website and entered those. In the future we must ask the tournament director to provide us with a disk (best to give it to Donna Cocker since she is now a tournament director and uploads material regularly.). We would like to upload daily at the Regional. The latest Unit game has also not been uploaded since Chuck does not do this for his games.

Old Business

A. Unit Directories

We are awaiting updated information from Memphis (via Jack Bryant) before publication.

B. Nominating Committee

Steve Zenk has agreed to serve replacing Sandy Becker. Sheryl Finkenstadt , Suzi Shymanski-Moore, and Bob Wheeler have agreed to serve an additional term.

C. 299er Sectional

Bob Wheeler handed out a draft schedule of events for such a tournament. He also indicated that the Centenial Commons in University City is a potential location. Tabled until next month for further data and discussion.

•  Unit Game

A handout was distributed by Sheryl Finkenstadt which outlined a proposed new format for Unit Games. Action on this proposal must be taken by the July meeting for implementation in 2007.

New Business

Mike Carmen recommended that the Unit should acquire additional bidding boxes prior to the Regional. We will need to set 180 to 190 tables. We now have about 115 sets and borrow from club directors and neighboring units. Motion by Donna Pedrotti, second by Sandy Becker, to purchase 25 sets at a price not to exceed $40 per set. Approved.

A proposal was submitted by Sasanka Ramanadham that we allow two free plays at the Regional for the "Ask the Expert" panel. After discussions the Board decided that participation on the panel should be done voluntarily. A motion for free plays was defeated.

Motion by Sandy Becker, second by Donna Pedrotti, to adjourn. Approved. The meeting adjourned at 8:06pm.

Submitted by Don Weber

Rev. 1


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