Unit 143 Board Meeting

                                        Sept. 5, 2007

(Approved Oct. 10, 2007)

President John Samsel called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were Board Members Bob Janis, Donna Pedrotti, Ed Hale, Bob Wheeler, Suzi Shymanski Moore, Mary Hruby, Steve Zenk, Sasanka Ramanadham Sheryl Finkenstadt, and Jane Ettleson. Absent was Board Member Mark Ludwig. Also present were Mike Carmen and Lee Hastings.

July Minutes

The July minutes were approved

Corresponding Secretary's Report

The Unit 143 data base is current as of August 1, 2007. Mailing labels for all Unit 143 and 223 players under 300 master points were delivered to Mary Hruby on August 5, 2007.

The 2007 Player of the Year standings were updated with the results from the August 5 th unit game. Obituary notices for Edsel Hatfield and Brooks Sharpe were mailed to ACBL. The 2007 Missouri Business Registration Report was filed on line.

Treasurer's Report

Bob Janis provided a copy of the Unit 143 balance sheet as of August 31, 2007. This showed a balance of $29,099 in the checking account. Bob stated that a number of Regional expenses have not yet been paid. These expenses include $19,008 for the hotel, $1,800 to the district, $1,400 for table moving and storage, $265 for trophies and $253 for bulletins. Unit 143 will have about $40,000 in assets after all the bills are paid. Sheryl Finkenstadt motioned and Donne Pedrotti seconded motion to approve the report. The report was approved.

Bob Janis requested Board input for preparation of the 2008 budget.


A. Awards/Nominating/Club Liaison

Donna Pedrotti has ordered trophies for the upcoming 199er and Sectional Tournaments.

B. Charity/Hospitality/Caddies

No Report

C. Education

Ed Hale and Lee Hastings reported on the Easy Bridge program. There are 16 people currently enrolled at Meramec Community College. Lee said he is expecting 5 more. There are 12 people enrolled at the Wildwood campus which starts on Saturday Sept. 8, 2007.

Ed Hale wants to include program in the 2008 Unit 143 Budget New classes will start in January.

D. Knockouts

The Board discussed holding the qualifying matches for St Louis Knockouts during the May Sectional Tournament. This would be the same as how Kansas City picks their representatives. The item was tabled for further review.

E. Membership

Steve Zenk reported a net loss of 1 member for a total of 1059.

F. Website

No Report

G. Publicity

A new flier for next year's Regional Tournament is required to reflect proposed changes in the Tournament format.


No report

I. Recording Secretary/Bidding Boxes

No report

J. Vice President

Mary Hruby will give the unit's answering machine to new Board member.

K. Tournament Chairman

Mike Carmen presented his report on the August Regional Tournament. Revenue was down about $13,000 from Last year. Table count was down 274. The net profit from the tournament was about $3700.

Mike recommends that we send post cards to all the unit members. The Board voted to send post cards to all the unit members fro both the Sectional and Regional tournaments.

The Monday evening Charity game raised about $800. The Board voted to give the proceeds to the Back Stoppers organization. Congratulations to, Suzi Shymanski-Moore and Sasanka Ramanadham for arranging TV coverage for donation to Back Stoppers organization at the Regional tournament.

Mike presented a proposed schedule for the 2008 Regional Tournament. The new schedule is set up for team games during afternoon and evening time slots. Chris Patrias has approved the proposed schedule. The schedule will be presented to the District later in September for their approval.

Mike presented his budget for the October Sectional Tournament. The Saturday noon meal for knockout players has been eliminated. The Board raised the B stratification point limit from 1500 to 2000 MP. The C stratification point limit was raised from 500 to 750 MP. The changes are effective for the October Sectional Tournament.


Jennifer Luner is no longer a member of the Board due to by-law term limits. Donna Pedrotti will make a replacement recommendation to the Board next month.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:08 PM

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