Unit 143 Board Meeting

                                  Oct. 10, 2007

(Minutes approved on Nov 14, 2007)

President John Samsel called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were Board Members Donna Pedrotti, Ed Hale, Bob Wheeler, , Mary Hruby, Steve Zenk, Sasanka Ramanadham, Sheryl Finkenstadt, and Jane Ettleson. Absent were Board Members Mark Ludwig, Bob Janis, and Suzi Shymanski Moore.

September Minutes

The September minutes were approved

Corresponding Secretary's Report

The Unit 143 data base is current as of October 1, 2007. There are 1058 active members in unit 143. This is an increase of 6.12% over last year. Unit 143 ranks 1 st in District 8 and 31 st of all units in this ACBL category.

Mailing labels for all Unit 143 and 223 players were delivered to Sasanka Ramanadham on September 19, 2007. The 2007 Player of the Year standings were updated with the results from the Sept. 9 th and Oct. 7 th Unit Games.

Obituary notices for Peggy Brooks, Marilyn Anderson and Betty Schneider were mailed to ACBL. Sanction applications for the 2008 Unit Games were submitted to the ACBL.10 life master pins were received from Baron Barclay Book Supply. A list of 13 new life masters named in the June – October 2007 Bridge Bulletins was given to John Samsel. These people will be presented their LM pins at the October sectional tournament between the first and second sessions of the Sunday Swiss.

Treasurer's Report

John Samsel provided a copy of Bob Janis's Unit 143 balance sheet as of September 30, 2007. This showed a balance of $4,297 in the checking account. The unit has $37,744 in total current assets. John also provided a copy of Bob Janis's proposed 2007/2008 budget for Unit 143. The budget projects a net income of $5,539 for the next fiscal year.

199er Tournament Review

The Tournament was held at Bridge Haven on September 29, 2007. There were 23 tables for the morning session and 15 tables for the afternoon session. The net profit for the tournament was $223.37. Due to space limitations at Bridge Haven, not all interested pairs could be accommodated for the morning session. Also there were HVAC and parking problems with the facility. With this in mind, Jane Ettelson proposed the next game be moved to Maryland Heights Community Center. The facility is centrally located, has a larger playing area able to accommodate 30-35 tables, has ample parking and has a kitchen area. The room rental fee will cost $350. Sheryl Finkenstadt motioned and Steve Zenk seconded that Jane Ettleson's proposal be accepted. The motion was approved.


A. Awards/Nominating/Club Liaison

Donna Pedrotti reported that the awards are ready for the October Sectional Tournament. New plaques for the Governor cup are ready to be sent to Kansas City

B. Charity/Hospitality/Caddies

No Report

C. Education

Ed Hale presented a proposal to the Board to pay for new teacher training per ACBL standards. The Board said no.

D. Membership

Steve Zenk reported a net loss of 7 members for a total of 1052. We rank 13 th out of 305 ACBL units for new member gains during the past 12 months.

E. Website

Sheryl Finkenstadt said that her budget will be reduced this year due to her having a two year contract for the web site. Next year's budget will be higher due to a site service bill due in January, 2009. Sheryl needs sanction numbers to get our tournaments on the ACBL web page.

F. Publicity

Sasanka Ramanadham stated 1200 post cards for the October Sectional were mailed to members. Flyers for the tournament were sent to both Kansas City and Columbia. John Samsel asked Sasanka to change the 2008 regional schedule to reflect the changes in the KO game times. Donna Pedrotti will get fliers to Dan Schaffer for the October Sectional game.


No report

H. Recording Secretary/Bidding Boxes

No report

I. Vice President

This was Mary Hruby's last meeting as a Board Member. She received a round of applause for a job well done


J. Tournament Chairman

No Report


Jennifer Luner is no longer a member of the Board due to by law term limits. Lee Hastings and Sandy Bigg are the candidates to replace Jennifer. No final decision was made.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55 PM

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