Unit 143 Board Meeting

                            Dec. 12, 2007

(Approved 1-9-2008)

President John Samsel called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were Board Members Donna Pedrotti, Ed Hale, Bob Wheeler, Bob Janis, Steve Zenk, Sheryl Finkenstadt, Jane Ettleson Mark Ludwig and Debbie Romero. Absent were Board members Sasanka Ramanadham and Suzi Shymanski-Moore. Also present was Mike Carmen.

November Minutes

The November minutes were approved.

Corresponding Secretary's Report

The Unit 143 data base is still current as of October 1, 2007. The ACBL In/Out reports dated 11/01/07 and 12/01/07 have not been received. Mailing labels for Unit 143 members and Unit 223 members living close to St Louis have been delivered to Sasanka Ramanadham for the January sectional post cards. The 2007 Player of the Year standings were updated with the results Dec 2 nd Unit Game. Results were also sent to Milt Zlatic for posting on the website. 10 Life Master pins were received from Baron Barclay Book Supply. The cost was $82.50. The Unit Officer list was submitted to ACBL.

Treasurer's Report

Bob Janis provided a copy of Unit 143 balance sheet as of November 30, 2007. This showed a balance of $6,286 in the checking account. The unit has $36,885 in total current assets. The report shows a loss of $859.38 for the month of October. Bob Janis needs to take $6300 out of CD to pay building rental fees to St Charles for the 2008 Sectional Tournaments. Bob has filed the 2006 tax report to the IRS. The Treasurer's report was approved.


A. Awards/Nominating/Club Liaison

Donna Pedrotti has ordered trophies for the January Sectional Tournament.

B. Charity/Hospitality/Caddies

John Samsel will update work assignment list for the 2008 Sectional Tournaments.

C. Education

Luke Lucas is teaching Easy Bridge at Jefferson County Junior College. He has asked for some financial support to offset the cost of books for the program. No decision was made. The Education Committee will prepare a guideline document for proposals to be considered for financial support by Unit 143 for education programs such as Easy Bridge.

D. Membership

Steve Zenk reported a net loss of a couple members from last month's total of 1061.

E. Website

No report

F. Publicity

Post cards for the January Sectional Tournament have been mailed


No report

H. Recording Secretary/Bidding Boxes

No report

I. Vice President

No Report.

J. Tournament Chairman

Regional schedule has been approved by the ACBL.


Sandy Bigg was elected to replace Jennifer Luner on the Board.



Meeting Adjourned



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