Unit 143 Board Meeting Minu

President Suzi Shymanski-Moore called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Present were Board members Bob Janis, Bob Wheeler, Jane Ettelson, Ed Hale, Debbie Romero, Donna Pedrotti, Steve Zenk, Bobby Riggs, Carl Cylne, Carole Benkelman, Jennifer Luner and Jackie Baker. Absent was Board member Bill Bunn. Also present was Mike Carmen.

November Minutes

The November minutes were approved.

Corresponding Secretary's Report

The database was downloaded on December 3 rd from ACBL to replace the Unit 143 database. This will be done monthly.

The 2008 POTY report was updated to include results of the Nov. 9 th and Dec 7 th Unit Games. The report was e-mailed to Milt Zlatic for posting on the unit website. Ed Schultz is the 2008 winner

Sanctions were requested and received for Lee Hastings' 2009 Unit games.

Mailing labels were printed for Debbie Romero. These labels will be used for postcards for the January 2009 Sectional tournament.

The Unit Officer Report was submitted to ACBL. This report is required after the election of new officers and changes in committee assignments.

Mini-McKenny medals were ordered from Baron Barclay. The bill was sent to Bob Janis.

Notebooks for the 5 new Board members were prepared.

Treasurer's Report

Bob Janis provided a copy of the Unit 143 balance sheet as of November 30, 2008. This showed a balance of $14,696 in the checking account. The unit has $40,249 in current assets. The report shows a profit of $1,302 for the months of October and November 2008. The report does not reflect expenses prepayment for the meeting room at Olivette and St Charles. Olivette is owed $370 and St Charles is owed $8700 for 2009 use of their facilities. There is no rent increase to use Blanchette Park in St Charles.

Bob has filed the IRS Form 990 for the past fiscal year.

Bob will have Suzi Shymanski-Moore authorized to sign Unit 143 checks. Authority for John Samsel and Mary Hruby to sign Unit 143 checks will be eliminated.

The Treasurer's report was approved.


A. Awards/Nominating/Club Liaison

Donna Pedrotti has ordered name badges for the new Unit 143 Board members. She has also ordered trophies for the upcoming January Sectional Tournament.

  1. Charity/Hospitality/Caddies

No Report

  1. Education

No report

  1. Membership

Via e-mail, Steve Zenk reported a net loss of 14 members. Membership count stands at 1074.

E. Website

Jennifer Luner reported over 1,300,000 hits to the web site over the past year. The contract with the web hosting site has been renewed.

  1. Publicity

Debbie Romero has mailed out the postcards (about 1200) for the January Sectional. Fliers for the tournament have been or will be sent to the local clubs plus out of area clubs in Effingham, Kansas City, Rolla, Columbia, etc. The flier is also posted on the ACBL, District 8 and Unit 143 websites. Expense for the postcards, fliers and postage totals $622.29.

  1. NAP/GNT

No report

  1. 199er Tournament

Jane Ettelson reported rooms at Maryland Heights have been reserved for next year's Spring 199er tournaments. Jane said she would investigate other sites to use in the Fall of 2009.

  1. Recording Secretary/Bidding Boxes

No report

  1. Vice President

No Report.

  1. Tournament Chairman

New Business

Suzi Shymanski-Moore made a proposal to replace the Unit 143 Disciplinarian Alan Popkin with a 3 person committee. She has talked to Sandy Becker, George Hawley and Doug Moore about the job. All three are interested. The committee would have a head. The Board is in agreement with the concept of the 3 person committee but thought that Doug Moore would not be a good candidate because Doug and Suzi are married. Several other names were mentioned as possible candidates for the third position. Suzi will inquire as to their interest and provide a list of candidates.   Suzi asked the Board members to consider what goals they would like to accomplish during the next year.

Among the suggestions were to amend the bylaws to clean up some problem areas and to have committee heads provide a description of how they perform their job duties.  

Ed Hale reported that Luke Lucas has written later to the Unit 143 Board about person in his area who may be petitioning ACBL to become a director. This person has been disruptive at some of Luke's games. No action was taken.

  Old Business None  

Meeting Adjourned

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