Unit 143 Board Meeting Minutes (Rev 2)

        February 11, 2009

Vice President Donna Pedrotti called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were Bob Wheeler, Bobby Riggs, Bob Janis, Ed Hale, Jennifer Luner, Carole Benkelman, Bill Bunn, Suzi Shymanski-Moore, Steve Zenk, Debra Romero, Jackie Baker and Carl Clyne. Absent was Board member Jane Ettelson. Also present was Mike Carmen

January Minutes

The January minutes were approved.

Corresponding Secretary‘s Report

The database was down loaded on February 4th from ACBL to replace the Unit 143 database. This is done monthly.

The 2009 POTY standings were updated with the results of the January 4 th , January 11 th , and January 25 th unit games and the January Sectional. A report will be e-mailed to Milt Zlatic for posting on the unit website.

Per his request, an Excel file with the e-mail addresses of 356 unit 143 members was sent to Bill Bunn. (Bill would use e-mail notification of Unit events to those people who opt out of postcard notification)

Obituary notices for Cynthia Kerr and Ed Schultz were sent to ACBL.

Treasurer's Report

Bob Janis provided a copy of the Unit 143 balance sheet as of January 31, 2009. This showed a balance of $8,971 in the checking account. The unit has $40,296 in current assets. The report shows a net profit $1,349 for the period of October 2008 thru January 2009.

The Treasurer's Report was approved.

Suzi Shymanski –Moore Reinstatement

During the last Sectional Tournament Suzi Shymanski-Moore, via an e-mail to the Unit 143 Board, submitted her resignation as President of Unit 143 and from the Board. Before this Board meeting Suzi asked to be reinstated as Board President.

Prior to voting on Suzi's reinstatement, the Board voted to revise its STANDING RULES as follows:

In the event of a resignation of an Officer or Board member, a meeting of the full Board shall be held within 72 hours to acknowledge such resignation. No acknowledgement of the resignation shall be made until after the board meeting.

The Unit 143 board then voted to reinstate Suzi as Board president

Standing Committees

•  Awards/Nominating /Club Liaison

Donna Pedrotti has new nameplates for Jane Ettelson and Carole Benkelman. Trophies have been ordered for the 199er game.

•  Charity/hospitality/Caddies

No Report

•  Education

No Report

•  Membership

Steve Zenk reported a net increase of 1 member. Membership count stands at 1079. Steve also reported there were 3 new Life Masters, 2 new Bronze Life masters and 1 new Gold Life Master in the unit.

•  Website

Jennifer Luner reported that new members of the ASK THE EXPERT panel are Mark Boswell, Tom Kniest, Roger Lord Tom Oppenheimer, Nancy Popkin, Rod van Wyk, Karen Walker, En Xie and Milt Zlatic. Jennifer presently has five questions for the panel.

Jennifer is working on procedure to allow club owners the opportunity to provide updates directly to the web site.

Carl Clyne and Luke Lucas will be renaming their club game.

•  Publicity

Debra Romero reported that she is starting to review ACBL ads to submit to ACBL Bulletin for this summer's Regional Tournament . 

Bill Bunn indicated he has e-mail addresses for 371 members who would accept e-mail notification of Unit events instead of the postcards. This would achieve savings to the unit in both printing and mailing expenses.


No report

•  199er Tournament

No report

•  Bidding Boxes

No report

•  Vice President

No report

•  Tournament Chairman

Mike Carmen said the January Sectional tournament made about $1,217. The budget had projected a gain of $298. The increase is a gain of 42 tables over last year's tournament


The Board held a discussion on how to improve Friday night attendance. No conclusions were reached.

The Board discussed timing of the Sunday lunch at the Sectional Tournament. The lunch is presently done after the fifth round. This has created a small problem for the 299er games which are presently two single session Swiss team games. A suggestion was made to move lunch to after the fourth round. Those 299er's who only want to play in the second Swiss game can then arrive about 2:30PM for their game and not be interrupted by the lunch break. No decision was reached.

•  Bragging Rights Match

No Report

Old Business


New Business

A proposal from Alan Popkin was submitted to rename the POTY award the Ed Schultz award. The proposal was tabled until the next Board meeting.

A request was received for the Unit 143 Board to subsidize newspaper advertisements in the Hannibal-Quincy area for the local Bridge club.

The ACBL will pay for 75% of the advertisement. The Board approved paying up to $100 for the advertisement. The money would come out of the Education budget.

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 PM


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