Unit 143 Board Meeting

July 8, 2009



The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. All Board members attended except for Bob Wheeler and Donna Pedrotti. In addition to the Board members, Mike Carmen and Mary Hruby were present.


Due to large agenda we had, the normal format of the meeting was not followed. Subjects covered were the following:

1.        Room reservations for the regional: As we get closer to the date of the regional, the executive board will review with Mike Carmen, Tournament Director, the number of rooms booked. If we have not met our quota , we will try to come up with some way to book those rooms with local people(at a discount if necessary) so as to off-set being penalized

2.        We reviewed the upcoming budget and it was decided that we would vote on the budget at the September meeting. We are waiting to see what the regional is like and if we need to up all prices for next year's tournaments. We also need to check some figures with Mike that Bob is going to do.

3.        As in the past, Mary Hruby will handle the date book. Ed Hale's games have been grand fathered since they are so far away and he has been setting the date's way before they joined Unit 143. Steve Zenk, the liaison for club directors will also be available to Mary and the directors, should any problems arise.

4.        Novice Silver point games: After much discussion, it was unanimously voted that sanctioned silver- point games would not be offered to the club directors. If a club director wants to have a special game with additional points given, that can be arranged- just not silver point games. Therefore, the game that was scheduled at Bridge Haven for this fall will have to be cancelled or changed.

5.        Bob Janis was given the approval to switch to whatever bank he wishes to deal with.

6.        Policy and Procedure Manuals : Board members got sections to review and revise or delete- whichever they felt pertinent.

7.        We are giving insulated lunch bags as section –top awards this year They will be blue with the St Louis Arch Logo. Enough have been ordered that Jane will be able to use what is left for her novice tournaments.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20.

Suzi Shymanski- Moore







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