Unit 143 Board Meeting Minutes

        September 9, 2009


President Suzi Shymanski –Moore called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were Board members Bob Wheeler, Bobby Riggs, Jennifer Luner, Carole Benkelman, Carl Clyne, Debra Romero, Bill Bunn, Jane Ettelson, Bob Janis, Donna Pedrotti, Jackie Baker and Ed Hale. Absent was Steve Zenk. Also present was Mike Carmen.

August Minutes

The August meeting minutes were approved with one minor spelling change.

Corresponding Secretary's Report

The database was downloaded on Sept. 2 nd from ACBL to replace the Unit 143,101,131,154,208,223, and 239 databases. This is done monthly. Unit 143 has 1105 paying members.

The 2009 ESPOTY standings were updated from the August 9 th Unit Game, the August Regional and the Sept 6 th unit game. A report was sent to Milt Zlatic to post on the unit website.

The Missouri Corporation Registration was filed with the Missouri Secretary of State on August 26 th .

No petitions for placement on the ballot were received for the Unit Board election

Obituary notices for former members Dorothy Krahl, Henriette Ackerman and John Smith were not sent to the ACBL because of the league policy to print only the obituary notices of current members.

Mailing labels were printed for Debra Romero for the October Sectional and for Ed Hale for the NAP District finals.

Treasurer's Report

Bob Janis provided a copy of the Unit 143 balance sheet as of August 31, 2009. This showed a balance of $38,914 in the checking account. The unit has $67,786.in current assets. The report shows a net income of $28,840 for the period of October 2008 thru August 2009. However Bob noted that about $25,000 in expenses for the August Regional are not included in the report. Bob requested that any outstanding bills be given to him by September 30, 2009.

The Treasurer's report was approved.

The Unit 143 Board approved a motion to post the 2008-2009 Unit 143 fiscal year end report and the 2009-2010 Unit 143 budget on the unit website.

Standing Committees

•  Awards/Nominating

Donna Pedrotti reported that the trophies for the September 199er tournament and the October Sectional Tournament have been ordered. Trophies for the Bragging Rights match winners have also been ordered. Donna is doing an inventory of remaining trophy supplies.


•  Club Liaison

No Report


•  Charity/Hospitality/Caddies

Carol Benkelman needs to know if the scoring machines will be used at the October Sectional tournament. This affects the number of caddies who will be needed. Mike Carmen will find out.


•  Education

No Report


•  Membership No Report

.   •  Website Jennifer Luner and Carl Clyne are working together to create a picture library of tournament winners on the unit website.  

  •  Publicity Debra Romero reported that post cards and fliers for the October Sectional have been sent out. The e-mail notification still needs to be sent out.   •  NAP/GNT

Ed Hale said that postcards for qualifiers will be sent out by the end of September. Ed is also preparing a list of qualifiers that will be sent to Springfield.


•  199er Tournament Jane Ettelson reported that 800 postcards have been mailed for the September 199er tournament. She has 28 tables so far and hoping for 40 tables

  •  Vice President

No Report

•  Tournament Chairman

Mike Carmen said the August tournament made about $5,467. The budget had projected a gain of $4.414. Last year's profit was $4,630. The increase is due to a gain of 135.5 tables over last year's tournament.

Several changes were discussed during the meeting.

Changes include:

•  Change the evening starting time from 7:30 PM to 7:00 PM

•  Cancel the Friday evening zip KO due to lack of interest at the recent Regional

•  Replace one of the Compact KO events with 2 single session Swiss team events.

No final decisions were made on these items

•  Bragging Rights Match Bill Bunn reported there were 5 fewer teams than last year. Bill reported a loss of $73 from the qualifying matches. Bill suggested that next year the unit may want to consider a side game for the teams knocked out during the first round.   Old Business Debra Romero, Ed Hale, Carol Benkelman and Bob Wheeler provided summaries of their duties concerning publicity, NAP/GNT coordinator, caddies and Secretary jobs for the Policies and Procedures manual. The Board still has to select someone to consolidate everything into the manual.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:44





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