Unit 143 Board Meeting Minutes

        October 14, 2009

President Suzi Shymanski-Moore called the meeting to order at 7:00 Pm. Present were Board members Bob Wheeler, Bobby Riggs, Bob Janis, Bill Bunn, Steve Zenk, Jane Ettelson, Jennifer Luner, Ed Hale and Carol Benkelman. Absent were Donna Pedrotti, Jackie Baker, Carl Clyne and Debra Romero.

September Minutes

The September meeting minutes were approved.

Corresponding Secretary's Report

The database was downloaded on October 7 th from the ACBL to replace the Unit 143, 101, 131, 154, 208, 223, and 239 databases. This is done monthly . Unit 143 has 1105 paying members.


The 2009 ESUCA standings were updated with the September 13 th and October 4th Unit Games. A report was sent to Milt Zlatic for posting on the Unit web-site.


An obituary notice for Unit member Sue Gallop was sent to the ACBL.


The Unit databases were updated to identify club owners at Debbie Romero request. This will assist Ms. Romero in sending tournament flyers to club owners in the future.


Ten Life Master pins were ordered from Baron Barclay with Suzi Shymanski-Moore's approval.


A list of new Unit Life Masters was prepared for Suzi Shymanski-Moore. LM pins will be awarded at the October sectional.


Treasurer's Report

Bob Janis provided a copy of the Unit 143 balance sheet as of September 30, 2009. This showed a balance of $16,275 in the checking account. The unit has $45,503 in current assets. The Treasurer's report was approved.

Bob also presented a copy of the proposed budget for the next fiscal year. The budget shows estimated revenues of $65,075 and estimated expenses of $61,862. The net income to the unit is $3,213 for the next fiscal year. The budget was approved.

Standing Committees

•  Awards/Nominating

No report

    •  Club Liaison   

No Report


•  Charity/Hospitality

No Report

  •  Education Ed hale reported that he received a request from Phil wisdom to pay $65 for portion on advertisement for Bridge lessons in the mid Missouri area. The ACBL is picking up 75% of the total cost. The request was approved  

•  Membership Jennifer Luner provided some information from the QUIP report. The unit has 1102 members which is about 1/3 of the District total. The average age of the unit is 67.76 years. Our retention rate for 2 nd year members is 55-60%.

  •  Website Jennifer Luner proposed that a memorial section for deceased members be added to the website. The site would include a link to the Post Dispatch. The proposal was approved


•  Publicity

No report


  •  NAP/GNT

Ed Hale reported that 550 people qualified to play in this year's NAP in Springfield ILL. This is up from 375 persons last year. The mailing will cost $150.   Ed also provided a written copy of the NAP Qualifying Procedures. Ed is proposing that instead of mailing postcards to the qualifiers, the qualifiers would be notified by a listing being made to all the club owners for posting at their games and at the October Sectional tournament. The listing would also be posted on the unit 143 website.   Ed also wanted to require that all approved NAP games be listed on the unit website. The results of the game must be scored as a NAP game, and the results of these games posted on the unit website.   The above items were tabled for future discussion.

  •  199er Tournament Jane Ettelson reported on the September 199'er tournament. There were 36.5 tables during the AM session and 19 tables during the PM session. The tournament had a profit of $463. Jane reported that because of space limitations, she had to turn away 10 pairs.

  •  Vice President

No Report


•  Tournament Chairman No Report   Old Business Suzi Moore is still collecting summaries of Board member duties for inclusion in a Policies and procedures manual.  

New Business

The Board discussed having new telephone directories printed. Costs were not available and item was tabled for future discussion.


Meeting Adjourned


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