Unit 143 Board Meeting- December 9, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:09 by President Suzy Shymanski Moore.

Board Members present: Carole Benkelman, Bill Bunn, Carl Clyne, Jane Ettelson, Ed Hale, Bob Janis, Jennifer Luner, Donna Pedrotti, Bobby Riggs, Debby Romero, and Steve Zenk. Absent: Jackie Baker, Also in attendance, Mike Carmen, Tournament Chair

November 2009 Minutes

The minutes of the November board meeting were approved.

The Corresponding Secretary's Report

The following report was e-mailed to board members from the Jack Bryant, corresponding secretary. The report was filed.

•  Downloaded on December 8th two files from the ACBL database to replace the Unit databases for Units 143, 101, 131, 154, 208, 223, and 239. This is done monthly . There are 1089 members in Unit 143.

•  E-mailed to Bill Bunn, on December 8 th , an Excel file that will be used to produce the Unit directory. 

  •  Last month, I incorrectly reported that I had posted the results of the November 8 th Unit Game. •  Submitted, at Lee Hastings request, on-line sanction applications for 2010 Unit Games. They were delivered to him November 21 st .

•  Updated on-line the ACBL Unit Officers List for the ACBL

. •  Printed mailing labels for the January 2010 sectional for Debra Romero. They were delivered on November 24 th .


Treasurers Report


Bob Janis submitted the Treasurers Report for November. The report showed a net loss of $769.36 for the month of November. The balance of total liabilities and equity is $44,733.66. The report was filed. Bob reported that there would be no increase in rental fees at Blanchette for the sectionals in 2010. He also reported that Kansas City has not reimbursed St Louis for their portion of the Bragging Rights at the 2009 St Louis Regional. Mike Carmen, Tournament Chair, will follow up with Kansas City unit.


Financial Review


Bob Janis reported that he has requested a financial review by unit auditor, Rich Haake. He reported that a financial review has not been done for several years. A review has not been arranged. Suzi Moore will follow up to facilitate this process.


Membership Directory


Bill Bunn reported that the new membership directory will be printed by Minuteman Press. A copy of the directory was emailed to the board members. Bill stated that the cost for 500 copies would be $770 and the cost for 1000 would be $1255.00. A total of $450.00 has been received for the sale of advertising which offsets the cost to the unit. The board voted to have 1000 membership directories printed. There will be controlled distribution of the directories at the January Sectional. Each member will receive a directory for free and additional directories will be available for purchase for $1.00. The board also agreed that a membership directory and a datebook will be included in each new member packet that is mailed to new members of Unit 143.


Bill indicated that he is exploring other options for advertising to generate revenue so that we can have more frequent updates for the membership directory.




Debbie Romero reported that she has increased the distribution of flyers for the January

Sectional by mailing them not only to the local club directors, but also to club directors throughout Missouri and Illinois. Debbie has compiled a list of all the club directors in these areas and this has been e-mailed to Board members for their records.



Ed Hale reported the following rules will be in place for the NAP next year. All NAP qualifying games must be posted on the Unit website by June 1, 2010 and any changes to the games must be made no less than 7 days prior to the designated game. Additionally all NAP games must be scored using the special ACBL program and all results must be uploaded to the Unit web site so that qualifiers can be determined. The ACBL has approved these conditions.

Policy and Procedure Manual


Bill Bunn reported that the policy and procedure manual in 90% complete. Board members must have their material submitted by December 20, 2009.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20


Submitted on December 13, 2009 by


Jane Ettelson, Recording Secretary

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