Unit 143 Board Meeting

March 3, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 by President Suzi Shymanski Moore.

Board Members present: Suzi Moore, Bob Janis, Carole Benkelman, Bill Bunn, Jane Ettelson, Ed Hale, Jennifer Luner, Bobby Riggs, Jackie Baker, Debbie Romero and Steve Zenk.  Absent: Carl Clyne, Donna Pedrotti.  Also in attendance Mike Carmen, Tournament Chair.

February 2010 Minutes

The February 2010 minutes were approved.

The Corresponding Secretary’s Report

The corresponding secretary’s report was emailed by Jack Bryant to the members of the BOD on March 10, 2010. That report has been incorporated into the minutes.

Treasurers Report

Bob Janis reported that the total liabilities and equity this month was $45,463.76 with a net income loss of $39.26. The Treasurers Report was filed.

May Sectional

Mike Carmen reported that the Bridge Pad scoring devices will be used at the May sectional.  The Bridge Pads rent for $0.50 per table.  The Bridge Pads will reduce both directors time as well as reduce the number of caddies needed.  Mike Carmen also reported that Pairs games stratification will be determined by an average of the pair’s masterpoints rather than by the person with the highest masterpoint.  This method of stratification will be used at both the May Sectional and the August Regional.

IN Program

Suzi announced the appointment of Jane Ettelson as the IN coordinator.  There was a discussion of providing a free play to all attendees at the May Sectional. 

Policy and Procedure Manual

Bill Bunn reported that the policy and procedure manual is complete other than the Tournament Director section.  Mike Carmen reported that he will complete this section shortly.  Ed, Debbie, and Jennifer will proof read the draft of the policy and procedure manual when it is complete.


Bill will assist Carl with photography at the Sectional.

Web site

Suzi appointed a Web Site committee to be chaired by Bob Janis.  The committee will include Jennifer, Debbie, Jane and Steve.  The committee will develop a policy as to information that is appropriate for the web site as well as changes that may make the web site more user friendly.  Jennifer reported that the software upgrades purchased last year had not been implemented due to the need for technical assistance.  A JavaScript programmer is necessary to complete the upgrade.  Options were discussed.


Debbie reported that flyers for the May Sectional and the August Regional have been approved by ACBL and are on the ACBL, District 8 and Unit143 Web sites.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:36

Submitted on April 6, 2010 by

Jane Ettelson

 Recording Secretary

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