ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for 2010.11.10, 7pm at Olivette Community Center


Meeting called to order by S-S Moore.



Carl Clyne                                                Carol Benkelman

Helene Siegfried                                   Jackie Baker

Linda Seibert                                         Debbie Romero

Lee Hastings                                         Bob Riggs

Steve Zenk                                               Jennifer Luner

Ed Hale                                                     Bob Janis


New Board Officers were elected:


President, Steve Zenk

Vice President, Debbie Romero

Recording Secretary, Carl Clyne

Treasurer, Bob Janis


Suzi retired.


Steve Welcomed new board members:


Lee Hastings

Helene Siegfried

Linda Seibert


Steve thanked retiring members for their hard work and service:


Suzi Moore

Jane Ettelson

Donna Pedrotti

Bill Bunn


Suzi’s resignation was voted on and accepted.


October meeting minutes were approved.


Treasure’s report was approved.  Two CD’s were approved for $7,500.00 and $5,000.00 for term not to exceed 6 months.  Bob stated for info that our fiscal year ends 30 September.


Jennifer will review the old minutes and resolve the member term issues.

Complete; see her email of 101111 2:06pm.


Suzi’s vacant position is at issue.  Steve Zenk will report next meeting on the status.


Persons off the board but volunteering to continue the work they were doing was discussed but not resolved.

Both items need to be resolved.


Ed Hale suggested there should be a club director liaison.


Debbie requested a decision for the Winter Sectional advertising flyer concerning;

It was resolved we would leave the flyer for the Jan sectional generally the same.  Debbie said she will need Steve’s official approval on the final copy.


Returning board members will retain their job assignments.  New assignments were:


Jennifer and Milt are still working on the website upgrade.  Programming finished, pages getting final touches.


Bragging Rights unresolved.  Jennifer and Ed inquiring of KC.  Will be on agenda for next meeting.


Bob has extra date books.  He will hold back about 100 and distribute balance as needed.


Steve’s cell phone will be the new tournament emergency contact number.


Presented the reorganized Jeffco Bridge Club (JCBC) formerly Twin City Bridge Club, Carl Clyne new owner.  Received approval to let Betty Politte test for Club Director.


Next regular meeting will be 8 Dec 2010, 7pm, Olivette Community Center.  Christmas Party afterward.


Adjourned 8:50pm.

Carl Clyne, Recording Secretary

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