ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for 2011.02.09, 7pm at Olivette Community Center


Meeting called to order by S. Zenk




Steve Zenk, Pres.                             Debbie Romero, VP.

Carl Clyne, Sec.                               Carol Benkelman

Helene Siegfried                              Jackie Baker

Linda Seibert                                   Lee Hastings                                   

Jeff Kopolow                                   Jennifer Luner




Bob Janis, Treas.                            Bob Riggs

Ed Hale



1.  January minutes approved for posting. (Note, underlined business items should appear on future agendas). (The following is a correction to the January minutes).  The 2015 National in Chicago conflicted with the St. Louis Regional.  Mike Carmen asked to change the regional date to an earlier time.  Change was approved.  Date was selected and booked.


2.  Treasurer’s Report deferred due to Bob’s absence.


3.  Mike Carmen reported on the last two sectionals.  They were both successful. 


Unfinished Business.



2.  The special committee to evaluate tournament structure did not   meet in January.  A meeting will be scheduled before next board meeting


New Business



1.  It was decided that people who appear in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin annual awards should be put on the Unit 143 web site.  Helene will monitor.


2.  Helene is monitoring the Unit Guidelines.  The guidelines will be posted to the 143 web site.


3.  Debbie suggested that certain event dates that inadvertently conflict should be rescheduled.  She will publish an email outlining her proposal. 




1.  Jennifer reported on the web site.  She and Helene have reviewed and checked the entire site.  Big job.  Thanks Jennifer and Helene.  It was reported that Milt donated his web development time for free.  Thanks Milt, it is greatly appreciated.


2.  Jackie Baker reported on Unit 143 memberships.  We are currently 1122 strong including 15 new members.


3.  Next regular meeting will be 9 Mar 2011, 7pm, Olivette Community Center. 


Adjourned 8:25pm.

Carl Clyne, Re

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