ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for 2011.04.13, 7pm at the Olivette Community Center


Meeting called to order by S. Zenk




Steve Zenk, Pres.                             Debbie Romero, VP.

Carl Clyne, Sec.                               Jeff Kopolow, Treas.

Lee Hastings                                    Jackie Baker

Bob Riggs                                         Jennifer Luner

Linda Seibert                                      Ed Hale                    

Jane Ettelson


Carol Benkelman                             Helene Siegfried


1.  March minutes approved for posting. (Note, underlined business items should appear on future agendas).


2. Treasurer’s Report approved.  


Unfinished Business.

3.  Bragging rights will proceed as reported on at the last board meeting.  Ed is following up on details with Greg Barnes.


New Business

  1. Debbie reported on publicity for upcoming tournaments.  Everything is current and on time.

    2.Jennifer reported on Website.  Everything is current. 

3.   Jackie reported on unit membership for April, 1154 up 34.


4.   Jane reported on the 199’er tournament.  The morning session was 40.5 tables, and the afternoon session was only 9.5 tables due to the snow.  There was a slight loss but still a good tournament considering the weather.


5.  A motion was made by Ed, seconded by Linda and approved to:


a.   Remove the word “full” from standing rule 13, and also to


Jennifer has subsequently reported the changes are complete.



  1.  A donation was made to the American Cancer Society on behalf of the board in Memory of Bob Janis. 
  2. A motion by Jennifer and seconded by Linda to allow honorary naming of events to be on a one time only basis.  The Sunday Swiss of the fall sectional 2011 will be named in memory of Bob Janis.  Steve will write a letter to Bob’s wife about the tournament event naming. 


Adjourned, 8:45pm.  Next Meeting May 11, 2011, 7:00p.m. OCC

Carl Clyne, Recording Secretary

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