Meeting Minutes for December 14, 2011

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting was called to order by President S. Zenk.

Attendees:Steve Zenk, Pres.                            

Debbie Romero, VP

Jeff Kopolow, Treas.

Linda Seibert, Secy

Ed Hale

Lee Hastings

George Hawley

Jennifer Luner

Jay Shah

Peggy Wald


Scott Davis

JoAnn Moore

Helene Siegfried

The November Minutes were approved for posting.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report was accepted.


Treasurer’s Report:  A small CD comes due 12/15.  It will be rolled with additional monies and a 6-9 month CD purchased.  A small savings account will be established.  Report accepted for filing.


St. Louis Knockouts

Discussion concerning restructuring/renaming continued from previous meeting.  L Hastings suggested that the event be held the weekend of April 14-15.  Whether it will be a one or two day event was not decided.  Various names for a replacement event were suggested.  Format of the event (KO or Swiss Team or combination) has yet to be determined.  An April team event could be limited to those in Units 143 and 223 and be used to determine St. Louis participants in the Braggin’ Rights game vs. Kansas City.  Further discussion is planned for January meeting.



January Sectional

Hospitality:  Racanelli’s will do Sunday meal.  Minimal lunch food service for players in KOs on Saturday must be provided as it has been advertised on publicity already distributed.

E Hale moved and J Luner seconded a motion to recognize Tom Kniest as St. Louis’s first Grand Life Master.  A cake will be provided at January Sectional and a one-time named event will occur at the May Sectional.  Motion carried.


T-Shirt situation for National

The Land’s End logo approved for apparel does not have the city name included.   To purchase T-shirts using the logo that includes city name requires special approval.  Mike Carmen will check to see if it is possible and, if so, at what price/quantity.


Youth Bridge

E Hale announced that Youth Bridge has received a major grant from ACBL.  He also said that we need to distribute a call for applications for scholarships for the summer bridge camp (1/2 scholarship for as many as 2 deemed to be deserving).


Unit Phone

The Unit currently pays about $20/mo for very few calls except immediately before a tournament.   The calls must be forwarded to S Zenk and changing the forwarded number requires additional payment.  E Hale moved and P Wald seconded a motion that the Unit purchase a Tracphone and minutes to save costs.  Motion carried.



S Zenk read a think you note from Backstoppers

Karl Dencker contacted S Zenk with information that ACBL gives funding to 5 Districts on a 5-year rotation.  District 8 received funding this year.  It will go to the American Red Cross Spring Storm Fund.  A presentation is planned for the January Sectional.


D. Romero passed around a listing of expenses for the winter sectional; she announced that information for the August Regional is on the District and Unit websites.  Discussion followed concerning purchasing ads in The Bridge Bulletin.  As many changes are occurring in the 2012 game schedule,  D Romero believes we should continue to purchase 2 x ½ page ads this year, but they should appear earlier as the tournament will be earlier.

D Romero will contact The American Red Cross about publicity for the ACBL donation.


MEMBERSHIP:   S Zenk announced for J Moore that we have 12 new members; 2 transferred in.

WEBSITE:  Review procedures for your area; submit updates to H Siegfried


S Zenk announced that Janet Vontz will hold an International Fund Game #1 ACBL on Saturday, January 28, 2012.

Meetings for 2012 will continue on the second Wednesday of the month except February and August.  Owing to STaC Week in February, the meeting will be the third Wednesday.  No August meeting owing to the Regional.  Next meeting will be January 11, 2012.

Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Seibert, Secretary


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