Meeting Minutes for December 12, 2012 

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting was called to order by President Romero

Attendees:  Debbie Romero, Pres.; George Hawley, VP; Linda Seibert, Sec’y; Mary Dolan, Bob Griffin; Lee Hastings, Jennifer Luner, JoAnn Moore; Jay Shah; Helene Siegfried; Peggy Wald

Absentees:  Jeff Kopolow, Treas.

The minutes for November 14, 2012, were approved for posting.

The Corresponding Secretary’s report was accepted.

The Treasurer’s report, submitted electronically, was accepted for filing.

President’s announcements:  Fall 2013 STaC Week is tentatively set for 10/28-11/3.  The NAP will be 11/9/2013.

OLD BUSINESS:  B Griffin announced that the Date Book will go to printer tomorrow. J Shah announced that the Membership Directory is at the printer.  Both should be available at the January Sectional.

L Hastings reported that the sanction for Feb 23 199er at the Bridge Center has been received.  It will be a two-session event at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  Reservations will be requested.  No other I/N game may be held in that facility on that date; an open game, however, would be permitted according to D Coker and R Beye.

NEW BUSINESSUnit Game Review.  There are 24 Unit Sanctions available each year that we are not using effectively.  We are expected to offer a well-rounded program of unit games.  The new directors are not well informed about unit games.  Any regular game offered in the unit during the time for which a Unit Sanction has been received may be a unit game.  Unused sanctions do not count against the 24 available.  In the recent past, L Hastings has had a unit sanction for the first and second Sundays of the month; the second Sunday game has not been held. 

J Shah moved and J Moore seconded a motion to discontinue the Unit Sanction for the second Sunday of the month.  Motion carried. 

Motion to approve Sunday Unit Sanction for Jan 6, Feb 10, Mar 3, Apr 4, May 5 and Jun 2 was made by H Siegfried and seconded by B Griffin.  Motion carried.

D Romero asked P Wald to chair a Unit Game Committee with B Griffin and M Dolan to determine who will participate in Unit Games and track their usage.  She will report back at the Jan 9 meeting.

Effective immediately, Unit Sanction requests must be directed to the Corresponding Secretary through P Wald, D Romero, or G Hawley.

Donna Coker is retiring.  Shall the Board make special recognition?  When? What kind?  J Luner and P Wald will look into possible forms of recognition and report at the January meeting for presentation at the January Sectional.

WEBSITE: J Luner reported that she and M Zlatic are posting alternate routes to Blanchette Park for the January Sectional.  Directors should announce at their games.  L Hastings will see that club directors get hard copy.


Board Christmas party followed.

Respectfully submitted,


Linda Seibert

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