ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting Minutes for 2011.03.09, 7pm at Olivette Community Center


Meeting called to order by S. Zenk




Steve Zenk, Pres.                             Debbie Romero, VP.

Carl Clyne, Sec.                               Carol Benkelman

Helene Siegfried                               Jennifer Luner

Linda Seibert                                     Ed Halr                            

Jeff Kopolow                                      Bob Riggs


 Jackie Baker                                    Lee Hastings



1.  February minutes approved for posting. (Note, underlined business items should appear on future agendas).


Jeff Kopolow was approved as interim Treasurer of Unit 143 until the fall elections for a new treasurer. Treasurer’s Report deferred until April so Jeff can get oriented. 


A motion was made, seconded and approved to allow the treasurer to advance budgeted money for purchases for unit tournament use to be followed by proper submission of receipts for the purchases.  This will become a standing rule, identified, and filed accordingly.


Unfinished Business.


The special committee to evaluate tournament structure met March 9.  A separate report will be issued.

New Business





  1. Debbie Romero will chair the nominating committee for the fall elections.  Sue Perez and Peggy Wald will be the off board members of the committee.
  2. Jane Ettelson was nominated and approved to fill the position left vacant by the passing of Bob Janis for the remainder of his term, which is up this fall.
  3. Steve will contact Jack Bryant about Jeff Kopolow being appointed interim treasurer.
  4. Sheryl Finkenstadt’s request for BOD agenda posting to the unit 143 website before regular meetings was not approved.
  5. Suzi Shymanski will be added to the off board governance page as Hospitality Chair.  She does a tremendous job.  Thanks Suzi. 

Next regular meeting will be 13 April 2011, 7pm at the Olivette Community Center. 


Adjourned 8:45pm.

Carl Clyne, Recording Secretary

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