Meeting Minutes for February 13, 2013

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting was called to order by President Romero

Attendees:  Debbie Romero, Pres.; Linda Seibert, Sec’y.; Mary Dolan; Bob Griffin; Lee Hastings; Jennifer Luner; JoAnn Moore; Jay Shah; Peggy Wald; guest Mike Carmen, Tournament Director.

Absentees:  George Hawley, VP; Jeff Kopolow, Treas.; Helene Siegfried.

The Minutes for January 9, 2013 were approved for posting.

The Corresponding Secretary’s report was accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report, submitted electronically, was accepted.

Tournament Review

May Sectional Conflict: D Romero spoke to the issue of a conflict in May between our sectional and one in Kansas City. Chris Patrias has been assigned to KC, making it necessary for both sectionals to have out of town directors.  We will lose some tables without KC attendees.  The financial hit could be substantial.  M Carmen will continue to try to find better solutions.

January Sectional: M Carmen presented his report for the January Sectional.  There were really no surprises.  We agreed that the changes in hospitality (refreshments downstairs) worked.

Distribution of Date Books and Directories was successful.

NABC:  Free parking has been negotiated for the Renaissance garage during the NABC. It will require presentation of a convention card.

Caddies:  We had several more than needed at the January Sectional.  We will maintain at least 2 per session except Saturday morning.  On Friday, we will have 2 in the afternoon and 3 in the evening; Saturday will require one in the morning, 2 in afternoon and evening; Sunday we’ll need 5 all day.

OLD BUSINESS:  M Carmen noted that the ABA wants to use 150 tables and 125 bid boxes for their tournament in summer.  They will pay $340.00 (our cost) for delivery and return of tables to storage.  A letter has been sent to Bob Wallace to this effect and with stipulations for their use as enumerated in last month’s minutes.

NEW BUSINESS: P Wald moved, J Moore seconded a motion that we use pre-duplicated boards for pairs games at future sectionals.  Motion carried.

D Romero is writing articles about our three Grand Life Masters for inclusion in the Daily Bulletin during the NABC to correlate with the dates of the games named in their honor.  The dates requested have been assigned.

Board meeting of March 13, 2013, has been cancelled.

The Champaign Regional has a new location for 2013.  It will be held at the Hawthorn Suites across the street from the Hilton Garden Inn.

Unit Games: P Wald moved that any club or director holding a valid game sanction for the specific date and time that a Unit Game is delegated can run their game as a Unit Game. Second:  J Luner.  Motion carried.

P Wald moved that Unit Games be scheduled as presented in the committee report.  Second: J Shah. Motion carried. 

The Unit website will have a link on the home page to the Unit Games in table format.  It will have dates through December.  As dates pass, they will be deleted. 

L Hastings provided instruction in game setup and scoring that will be necessary for proper entry of Unit Games.




Dates and times of Unit Games approved:










AM (before noon)


Jan 28*

Sept 16

Feb 26*

Apr 16

Mar 6*

Dec 18

May 30

Oct 24

 Mar 29

Dec 13

Game < 5 tables


(12 to 6)

Jan 6 *

Mar 3*

Apr 7 *

May 5 *

Jun 2*






Apr 27

May 11


(After 6)

Nov 24

Oct 14

Oct 1

Apr 24

Nov 6


Sept 27

Aug 10

*Previously approved


BIDDING BOX STATUS:  J Shah will host a “bidding box inventory” gathering in his garage after the NABC to check condition of the boxes before deciding how many to order.  Some left-handed bid boxes will be included in the next order.

199er of Feb. 23, 2013: L Hastings reported that 36 tables are currently reserved for the morning session.  Afternoon session demand is also good. He has worked out the room setup with K Graves at the Bridge Center.  The other games will be at the front of the room and partitions will be used to divide the areas.  Bridge Center bridge pads will be used (same price as previous supplier).  The previous 2 years there have been 42 tables in the morning session.  For this tournament level, no ACBL director is required; Chris Patrias must approve the director selection.  For future 199er tournaments, we should provide assistance in finding partnerships.

The 199er sanction allows a 2-day event.  Do we want to consider?  L Hastings will distribute a survey re: adding a Sunday Swiss as a second day to future 199er tournaments.

PUBLICITY:  D Romero reported that the May Sectional flyer is on the website.  She is working on the ACBL ads for the Bulletin.  District 8 site does not yet carry the information.

WEBSITE:  NABC parking information and Roger Lord’s GLM are now on the website.  The flyer with application for Bridge Camp is also there.  We need a process for determining scholarship winners. Referred to Education Committee.

 Should we continue highlighting 70% games?  There have been considerably more than expected.  After discussion, it was agreed to leave this matter as is.

MEMBERSHIP:  J Moore reported 14 new members and 7 transfers for the past month.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  B Griffin noted a request for local publicity of the Peoria 199er. The Peoria 199er tournament already has a link from our home page. 

Next meeting will be April 10, 2013
Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Linda Seibert

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