Meeting Minutes for March 9, 2016 

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Attendees:  Linda Seibert, Pres., Jeff Kopolow, Treas., Mark Boswell, Karen Erlanger, Lee Hastings,  Debbie Romero, Jay Shah, Helene Siegfried

Absentees:  Mary Dolan, George Hawley, Becky Hubert, Mark Ziegelman

Minutes of previous meeting:  Not available, no action taken

Treasurer’s Report:  Jeff Kopolow distributed his report electronically prior to the meeting and was accepted for file.

Tournament Business:  L Hastings reported that the now 299er Tournament will be held April 2 and 3 at the St Louis Bridge Center.  Volunteers are needed to help.  For Saturday, J Shah and J Kopolow volunteered.  It is expected that M Ziegelman will also help.  For Sunday, L Seibert will help.  Hastings will contact others.  He reported no difficulty with changing the 199er to 299er with ACBL. Some discussion ensued about the information as presented on the website.  Links to the flyer will be place in the Newcomers section as well as the home page. D Romero suggested that the 299er Tournament page with results be moved after a week to allow the coming May Sectional  followed by the August Regional to have priority.

Old Business: None

Publicity: D Romero reported that information for May Sectional and August Regional is available on ACBL.  Space is reserved in the Bridge Bulletin for ads for the Regional.  D Romero made the ACBL requested change from our proposal in stratification for AXY Swiss. 

Unit Games:  M Boswell reported that 2 new unit games have been added to replace the 2 that were cancelled. The first one is for Saturday afternoon, April 16, 2016, and the second is for Thursday morning, September 29, 2016.   Sanctions have been obtained. Information will be added to the website. Notice will be posted on the website.

Website:  H Siegfried is breaking in a new computer.  Old Contribute software remains on old one. Will need to update for new computer.

Membership:  B Hubert sent report electronically.    The membership resumed growth after rush of snowbirds departing a couple of months ago.  Membership is 1371 for the month.

Date Book:  K Erlanger had questions about using DropBox for the Date Book.  At this time, H Siegfried suggested not.

Education:  M Ziegelman sent a message that there is nothing new to report.

New Business:  J Shah announced that he will begin work on the new Member Directory.  He will make up some flyers to place in various clubs and will send flyer to web team for the website to notify members of need to update information for accuracy in the Directory.

D Romero noted that M Carmen wants to change the Section Top Award and probably the Registration Gift.  Some brainstorming ensued.  Further discussion is planned for next meeting after board members have more time to consider. 

L Seibert announced that she is currently the electronic contact with ACBL.  Some of the former Corresponding Secretary’s duties have yet to be reassigned.  There was discussion concerning what functions fit with other Board functions.  By next meeting, all duties should be reassigned.

Next meeting is April 13, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. at the Creve Coeur Government Center, Meeting Room 1

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Linda Seibert for Becky Hubert



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