Meeting Minutes for October 9, 2012

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors


Meeting was called to order by President S. Zenk


Attendees: Steve Zenk, President; Debbie Romero, Vice President; Jeff Kopolow, Treasurer; Bob Griffin, Lee Hastings;  Jennifer Luner; JoAnn Moore; Jay Shah; Helene Siegfried; Peggy Wald


Absentees: George Hawley; Linda Seibert


The September Minutes were not approved, pending minor changes.


Corresponding Secretary’s Report was accepted.



Treasurers Report: IRS Form 990 will be posted on the website along with the treasurer’s report. The report will also be shared at the Annual Meeting. Discussion was held about state of finances. The Regional Tournament generates most of the Unit’s income. Historically, when a National Tournament is held in St. Louis or nearby, the Regional tournament has fewer tables. This spring’s National is in St. Louis and next summer’s National is in Chicago.




A representative from Backstoppers may be at the October Sectional to accept the unit donation. If the representative is unable to attend, the presentation will be made in January.


B. Griffin reported on the Date Book. It will be ready for proofing around November 1 and ready for distribution by mid December. The estimated cost is $1768 for 1100 copies.


Printing a new membership directory was also discussed. Members are responsible for keeping their information current with ACBL. Fliers will be posted at club games about checking membership information for accuracy. The Board approved printing a new membership directory in 2013. Bill Bunn has volunteered to be in charge of the project. Revenue from ads will offset some of the printing expenses.  J. Shaw will coordinate the advertising for the directories.


New Business


Sectional Duties were assigned to Board Members.



After a discussion about subsidizing STaC fees for 2013, no vote was taken. The consensus was if extra funds are available, they may be better used for hospitality expenses at a Regional Tournament, which generates most of the revenue for the Unit.



bbD. Romero reported on the District 8 Meeting, recently held in Fort Wayne. The District is holding discussions about the Regional sanctions. The ACBL President held a meeting to gather input for the ACBL’s strategic initiatives from District 8 Representatives.


D Romero reported about publicity for the Jan 2013 Sectional.


J. Moore reported 4 new members and 3 transfer members.


L. Hastings reported on the recent 199er Tournament. The March 199er is currently scheduled the last Saturday in March, which is right after the National. Discussion was held about looking for an alternative date. Discussion was also held regarding having a two day 199er. The 199er will be held at the St. Louis Bridge Center. Mailing fliers for the 199er were also discussed.


No new website information to report.


H. Siegfried will be helping with hospitality at the January Sectional. Lunch will be available for purchase on Saturday.

Meeting was adjourned.


Meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Wald


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