Meeting Minutes for October 8, 2014

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors


Meeting Minutes for October 8, 2014

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors


Attendees:  Debbie Romero, Pres.; George Hawley, VP;  Jeff Kopolow, Treas.; Linda Seibert, Sec’y.; Bob Griffin; Jennifer Luner; JoAnn Moore; Jay Shah; Helene Siegfried; Peggy Wald;

Absentees:  Mary Dolan, Lee Hastings


President Romero called the meeting to order

Minutes of the September meeting were approved for posting

Corresponding Secretary’s report for October was accepted for file.

Treasurer’s Report:  J Kopolow will not be able to attend the annual meeting at the Sectional Tournament in St. Charles, so will prepare a cover letter & report to be delivered in his absence. Report accepted. J Kopolow presented the budget for 2014, noting an error on the amounts budgeted for Education and Miscellaneous. These two categories amounts are reversed. One category will be added to the spreadsheet to show our CDs and capital account, and Savings Account will be renamed Capital Account.  J Luner moved to accept the budget, P Wald seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


October Sectional Planning: Cleanup assignments were made.  G Hawley will send the caddy assignments for M Carmen; bidding boxes are all ok. Presentation of Meritorious Service Award to M Carmen will be on Sunday.  P Wald moved to authorize gift expenditure up to $120. H Siegfried seconded. Motion carried.  During Sunday cleanup, tables will be marked for replacement.  J Luner moved, B Griffin seconded motion to authorize buying 20 tables for up to $1,000.00.  Motion carried.




NEW BUSINESS: 199er Tournament attendance was down on Saturday morning.  Afternoon was back to normal prior to Spring 2014.  Reasons were discussed. No format change is planned for March Tournament.

The I/N Handout has not sold as we expected.  It will be offered at the Sectional Tournament in St Charles for $1.00 each.

Gift for S Shymanski Moore to be presented at January Sectional requires authorization.  P Wald moved, G Hawley seconded to spend up to $125.00.  Motion carried.

Nominations are being taken for ACBL Volunteer of the Year.  D Romero will check to see if M Carmen has previously won this award.  If not, she will submit his name for consideration.

D Romero suggested we consider adding a Bracketed Swiss Team Event for Sunday at the January Sectional or August Regional. She described the event noting that she found it to be a fun game although the award is not as high as for Kos.  No action taken.


Publicity: All publicity is done.  The email blast for October Sectional was late owing to flooding at ACBL.


Unit Games: All sanctions have been used for this year. The Committee will work on selecting dates/times for 2015 Unit Games.


Website: Everything is up-to-date. Power rankings have been a good addition.  Tournaments have been moved. Membership Directory access will now take LM numbers with either the alpha or numeric first digit will now be accepted.


Membership: 5 new members, 1 transfer.


Date Book: B Griffin reported the Date Book has gone to the printer and will be available at the October Sectional.


It was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Seibert, Secretary


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