Meeting Minutes for May 8, 2013

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting was called to order by President Romero

Attendees:  Debbie Romero, Pres.; George Hawley, VP; Jeff Kopolow, Treas.; Linda Seibert, Sec’y; Mary Dolan; Bob Griffin; Helene Siegfried; Jay Shah, Peggy Wald

Absentees:  Lee Hastings, Jennifer Luner, JoAnn Moore

The minutes for April 10, 2013 were approved for posting.

The Corresponding Secretary’s report was accepted for filing

The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

May Sectional:  D Romero noted the expected directors are Rick Beye, Donna Coker, Beth Percich, and Bob Wallace.  D Coker will be an out-of-town director this year, affecting the budget.  J Shah announced expenses of $493.18 to bring the bidding boxes up to par and add some for left-handed players.  M Carmen wants to increase our inventory of bidding boxes. Four boxes cost $36.95 (-10%). We need to check to see if our storage/delivery costs would increase from the current ($80/month storage) before further consideration, expected at our next meeting.  G Hawley reported that Caddy Assignments have been made.  Going forward he expects that staffing on Fridays could be problematic because young people often have school and are not available.  D Romero circulated a sign-up sheet for Board Sectional Duties. H Siegfried and J Moore will assist with hospitality food shopping. Awards to be made at the Sectional include the Mini McKinney and Ace of Clubs, new Life Masters, and Roger Lord’s Grand Life Master.  Some will be announced each day:  Friday pre-game will be Mini McKinney & Ace of Clubs, Saturday pre-afternoon session will be new Life Masters, and Sunday pre-game will be Grand Life Master.

August Regional: We will need a photographer for 15-20 minutes after each session.  Helene will recruit a committee to help and will work out details for transmitting photos to J Luner for the Daily Bulletin.  M Dolan will assist with the data transfer.  

OLD BUSINESS:  G Hawley will discuss the Unit 143 Scholarship website with J Luner.  He provided his new email address for us to use; Helene will make the changes on the website.  D Romero announced that future Board Meetings will be at the Olivette Community for the foreseeable future.

NEW BUSINESS: P Wald provided the Nominating Committee’s proposed slate electronically to D Romero who presented it. This was done early to avoid summer calendar conflicts for Committee Members.  G Hawley moved to accept, B Griffin seconded.  Vote to approve was unanimous.  The slate will be announced in July. 

M Carmen wants to change awards for Section Tops & Registration Gifts at the August Regional. D Romero presented suggestions for various options.  The Board approved a 24 oz. clear acrylic insulated water bottle with straw for Section Tops and a convention card holder with St Louis information imprinted for Registration Gifts

Unit Game Committee:  The Committee met to review the process used in announcing and scoring Unit Games.  The Bridge Center and Bridge Haven participate for all games with a time included in the sanction as does the Boeing Game.  J Shah plans the same participation for his games.  M Dolan provided a report of Unit Game Sanction Usage through May 5.  She uses Masterpoint awards to locate games to track.  Through May 5, there have been 143.5 tables at Unit Games.

Publicity: Post cards for the August Sectional will be mailed about 8 weeks prior to the event.  All the materials are done.

Website: Unit Games have been updated to the end of August.

Membership: This month we added 12 new members and 5 transfers.

J Shah moved for adjournment, L Seibert seconded.  Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Seibert, Secretary

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