May 13, 2015 


Meeting Minutes for May 13, 2015 

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Attendees:  Linda Seibert, Pres.; Mary Dolan, VP; Karen Erlanger, Lee Hastings, George Hawley, Becky Hubert, Jeff Kopolow, Jennifer Luner, Debbie Romero, Jay Shah, Helene Siegfried, Mark Ziegelman.

President Seibert called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  Minutes of the April meeting were approved for posting; K. Erlanger moved to post, seconded by Shah.  Corresponding Secretary’s report was accepted for file.  Treasurer’s report was accepted for file.

Presidents Report:  Seibert passed out Sectional duty sign-up schedule for Sectional.

Tournament Business:  Recent 199 tournament made a modest profit; possible format changes were discussed.  May Sectional:  Board discussed caddy system and recruitment.  July Regional:  reservations are running ahead of last year at this point in time.

Publicity:  Romero sent report that publicity is finished: flyers and bulletin ads.   Postcards will be sent next week.

Unit Games:  Dolan reported that Unit Games continue to have strong attendance; no further unit games will be held until September.

Website:  Luner reported updates.

Membership:  Hubert reported 10 new members with total Unit membership of 1284

Date Book:  Karen reported on communications with Club Directors.

Education:  Mark Ziegelman led a discussion based on a thorough report concerning a partnership with the Boy Scouts.  A few revisions were made; committee will return to the board with a recommendation. 

New Business:  Beth Percich requested permission to add a Friday afternoon sanction.  Lee Hastings moved the request be accepted; Karen Erlanger seconded; the motion passed unanimously.  Additionally,  Linda Seibert reported on issues that Unit members brought up to her.  All were non-Unit issues but Karen Erlanger will pass these items on to Directors for their attention.

Next meeting is July 8, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Olivette Community Center.

Seibert adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Becky Hubert



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