Meeting Minutes for December 10, 2014

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors


Attendees:  George Hawley, Pres.; Linda Seibert, VP & Sec’y; Jeff Kopolow, Treas.; Mary Dolan; Jennifer Luner;  Lee Hastings; Becky Hubert; Helene Siegfried; Jay Shah;  guest Mike Carmen, Tournament Director

Absentees:  Karen Erlanger, Debbie Romero, Peggy Wald


President Hawley called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the November meeting were approved for posting.

Corresponding Secretary’s report was accepted for file.

Treasurer’s Report: Report accepted for filing.


Tournament Report: M Carmen presented the budget for the January Sectional. M Dolan will prepare a speech for G Hawley to deliver to honor S Moore and will provide a copy to J Luner to post to the website.  M Carmen will get S Moore’s cake.

Sectional and Regional tournaments have been scheduled through 2025 with Blanchette Park and the Renaissance in agreement. The applications for ACBL approval are sitting at ACBL awaiting action. Bruce G has indicated his willingness to provide the lesson and play for I/N players on Monday prior to beginning of Regional Tournament in July. M Carmen will check with ACBL about running an A/X Swiss Team with a BCD Bracketed Swiss Team event at the Regional.

L Hastings reported that he will need volunteers to help with the 199er the last weekend in March. Several indicated availability.  Sign-up will be at next meeting.


OLD BUSINESS: Blanchette Park Maintenance:  M Carmen has spoken with supervisors and has been assured that there will be no recurrence of the problem experienced in October.

Facebook presence: M Zlatic Is not in favor of creating a Facebook Page.


NEW BUSINESS: G Hawley announced his choice of Mark Boswell to chair the Disciplinary Committee.  Board approved. A committee will be formed and presented for approval soon.

D Romero will be in charge of Caddies as well as Publicity; K Erlanger will be in charge of the Date Book and Club Liaison; B Hubert will be in charge of Membership.


Publicity:  D Romero was absent but we were reminded that any changes to the ad for the Regional must be made immediately.


Unit Games: Sanctions are in place for the 2015 Unit Games. M Dolan will contact the Directors who are involved.  She will check with Rolla and Barnhart to verify their choice not to participate. She will request confirmation from those clubs participating.


Partnerships: H Siegfried will renew the cell phone closer to the time of the Sectional.


Website: All Date Book information has been updated in the calendar.  Helene will contact Dan Spangler to get updates on Bridge Haven games:  current list of games, times, director.


Membership:  No report


Date Book & Club Liaison: No report


Announcements: J Luner remarked that she wished past President Romero were present so that we could thank her personally for her excellent leadership and hard work.


Adjournment: J Luner moved to adjourn; M Dolan seconded.  Motion carried.  Christmas party followed.

Next meeting is January 14, 2014


Respectfully submitted,

Linda Seibert, Secretary


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