Meeting Minutes for September 11, 2013

ACBL Unit 143 Board of Directors

Meeting was called to order by President D Romero

Attendees: Jeff Kopolow, Jennifer Luner, Lee Hastings, Jay Shah, Debbie Romero, Helene Siegfried, Bob Griffin, George Hawley, Peggy Wald, Jo Ann Moore, Mary Dolan,  Mike Carmen, Tournament Chairman

Absentees:  Linda Seibert

The August Minutes were approved for posting.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report was accepted.

Treasurer’s report was accepted for filing.

The District 8 Board meeting was held in August. Refer to District 8 Board meeting minutes for further information. Tournament fliers now have to contain ACBL regulations about extra table fees for non-members or unpaid members. Masterpoint limits for GNT and NAP game flight stratifications have changed. ACBL Senior events age groups have now changed to 60+ with anyone aged 55 by 12/31/2012 being grandfathered in as a senior. NAP Finals will be Nov 9 and GNT will be last weekend in April 2014.


Bridge Camp for adults will be held 2/13 – 16 and youth camp will be held 6/22-28.


Regional Tournament

Mike Carmen reported that even with a 20% drop in attendance the August Regional cleared around $4,600. The 2015 Regional will be held the second week in July due to the scheduling of the Summer Nationals. Discussion was held with the Board and Mike regarding player feedback and the Regional schedule.


Discussion was held regarding corresponding secretary fees and advocate authoring fees.


A plaque with an ACBL logo will be ordered for Jack Bryant’s Lifetime Achievement Award.


The datebook will be the same size as last years and contain a date overlap. The datebook may be ready by the October sectional.


199er tournament will be directed by Beth. George Hawley, Jay Shah, Bob Griffin, and Jennifer Luner will assist Lee Hastings with the tournament. Lee will take pictures. The Open Saturday afternoon club game will move so the Bridge Center will host only the 199er tournament players.


Mary Dolan will take pictures of winners at the sectionals and regional. Pat Corich will take photo candids.


The October Sectional was discussed. Bob Griffin will handle the bidding boxes with assistance from Jeff Kopolow. Swiss teams (one session) will replace the KO event at 9 AM on Saturday. Lunch will be available for purchase. Jay Shah reported that signs need to be redone for tournaments.


The August 10 unit games did not meet the required 5 table minimum. Another unit game will be scheduled to take its place. There have been 220 ½ total tables for unit games thus far in 2013.


The website currently has the 199er and October Sectional information posted. The Regional information will be taken off.


There were 6 new members, 2 reinstated members, and 2 transfers in.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Wald



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