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Should I Become a Board Member?

The Board of Directors of the Greater St. Louis Unit consists of 12 members, plus two out-state directors, who volunteer to manage the assets of the unit.  We meet once a month on the second Wednesday.

The Mission of the board is to promote and sustain duplicate bridge, especially tournament bridge.  We provide benefits to our members to enhance their playing experience and skills.  We maintain publicity that attracts and informs current and prospective members to duplicate bridge and tournament play.

Board membership should not be thought of as limited to the best players or those who have been playing the longest. Board membership is about giving back to the game you love to enhance duplicate bridge in this area! If you have the time and energy to help make this happen, you may be a good candidate for the board.

Our most important role is to plan and implement an annual regional tournament and six sectionally-rated tournaments --spring, fall, and winter open sectionals, spring and fall 199'er sectionals, and the St. Louis Knockouts.

Our other major jobs include maintaining the website, date book, and membership directory and coordinating with the district and national headquarters regarding membership, education, charity, and special events such as STaC games, NAP qualifying games, and recruiting GNTs.  We hosted a national tournament in Spring 2007, and will again in Spring 2013.

Our remaining focus areas are to increase retention of new members in their first 2 years of membership, to enhance the Unit championship games, begin a marketing effort of duplicate bridge, to enhance tournament publicity, and to enhance offerings to Intermediate & Novice players, a large percentage of our membership.

Board members conduct most of the work. The participation of other unit members is valuable and appreciated. We would like more members to become involved.   If you want to help but don't wish to run for a board slot, volunteer to do something to help a board member.

Some unit members have expressed the opinion that we should have an election each year. We will be able to do this ONLY if the number of candidates is more than the number of board slots available. Be sure to read 'Unit 143 Elections - Explained' for further insight.


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