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Becky Hubert


I AM A BRIDGE ADDICT...not only of the game but of the people who play this incredible game.  How did this addiction happen?  Perhaps you can figure this out for me; here is a road map of the life of Becky Hubert.


I am married over 42 years to the best man imaginable. We are fortunate to have four children, four grandsons and one granddaughter and the best Goldendoodle ever, Claude Monet Hubert.  After receiving  my BS in Economics at Washington University, I  worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis as an economic analyst and at St Louis Union Trust as an economist for eight years.  After a break from the workforce, I became a shareholder at Bryant Group, a benefits firm, where I led the Employee Benefits department that designed, sold, implemented and retained Employee Benefits plans for our clients for fifteen years.  In addition to my professional career I served on numerous not-for-profit Boards and was president of the Junior League of St Louis, Epworth Children's Home and Community School.  I enjoy serving on not-for-profit boards because of the dedication of fellow Board members and the creative process of not-for-profit decision making.


After a brief introduction to bridge in the early 70s, I became re-acquainted with the game due to Trish Lazaroff who retired the same time as I.  We began taking lessons together; my motivation was to learn a little bridge, have a lot of fun and make new friends.  Little did I know how much I would love the game and how truly terrific my new friends would be.  Thanks to the patient teaching of Sue Rechter and then Mark Ehret, Trish and I ventured to our first Unit duplicate game in the Fall of 2007.  Shortly thereafter I was hooked. Then I met En Xie and eventually Tom Oppenheimer who each continue to spark my interest in this confounding, yet gratifying game, feed my bridge addiction and coax me into clearer thinking.  I cannot thank them adequately for sharing their mind boggling knowledge and willingness to devote time to my learning.


I am honored to work for the Unit 143 Board and promise to do my best to further this incredible game of bridge and act in the best interest of the unit and its members.





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