Jay Shah



Monday night, 6:30 PM at Bridge Haven, Bridgeton, MO

Thursday Night 6:30 at MGC 727 Weidman Rd, Ballwin, MO


My dad tried to introduce bridge to us kids back in India when I was 10 years old. It was completely over my head then, and some of you think it still is! Eventually, I started learning to play bridge during my graduate studies (EE) at St. Louis U.  Played Lunch Bridge for 35 plus years until, picked up duplicate in 2003.


I always liked bridge but duplicate made me fall in love with it head over heels! Aptly, my wife calls bridge my mistress!


I got my ACBL teacher’s accreditation in 2010 and directorship 2011. Games I run are listed at the top of this profile. I achieved my Silver Life Master in 2011. Games I run are listed at the top of this profile.   


My goal is to make bridge fun (and non-threatening) for novice players. Encourage the participation by the novice/beginner bridge players in tournaments. So far, I have had a good success in getting the novices to play in my game. In most of my games, C players out number A and B players combined. With considerate A and B players, novices have a great opportunity to learn. For more and latest information visit my website www.jbridge.info.

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